Saturday, 12 April 2008

Dovecraft prize draw. Created by hand,Gothic arches challenge entries. Plus example for Mondays challenge, Free paper. and CJ Pics and more

Hello all

This is going to be quite a long post. I have quite a few bits and peices for you to look at etc. So where to start.

(Challenges and Competiton prizes International entries welcome)
Dovecraft Laura Ashley contemporary stamps as you know are part of the prize for the partake in challenge, comments. and enter the competion draw. You get draw tickets every time you do one of those. The draw winner will receive 6 by 6 contemporary paper pack, The contemporary stamp set and a dome sticker alphabet and dome sticker embellishment set.

Anyway I have been playing around with one of the stamps in the set. Now I will admit that I have run out of baby wipes. So the stamps were not fully clean in between uses, But these are some of the many variations I got playing around with just the one stamp, and some stamping pens.

Anyway as no one has voted on the challenge for next week I have decided that I am going to do Big Bold and full of fun. Remember you get one draw ticket if you enter the challenge and 2 if you use a Dovecraft product, mentioning it in your blog or photo description in a gallery.

This is my example, I have created mine with Cosmo Cricket Honey Pie Papers, which lost the vote for the Mystery Book project (see details here) paper choice. I have used a Dovecraft brad on my project.

It started out as an 8 by 8 card but I love it so much that I have decided to create a Springtime album using my bind it all and use this as the front cover. I don't know wether you can tell but this is one of those roll the ball into the hole games. Anyway the challenge is something to do with the card/album cover above. Come find out on the 14th. Also don't forget that your 8 by 8 card challenge has to be posted and linked to challenge post HERE by the 14th don't worry Rosie I have added your link to that post.

Don't forget the 14th is the day you can start adding your competition entries to the 14ths Competion post, and don't forget if you don't win the prize (Laura Ashley Traditional 12 by 12 papers, Clear stamp set , ribbon stickers and dome embellishments) for the favorite entry of the sponsor, you still get tickets in the draw (draw prize listed at top of post) for every entry you make. Competition finishes on the 14th May so loads of chances to enter.

Unless you are American or Canadian you have to use 1 Dovecraft product per competition entry and mention it either in photo description in gallerys or in your post if its shown on you blog. If you are American or Canadian, you can either buy Dovecraft from the Uk try HERE has very good shipping prices, or the sponsor has said that you can use Hampton Arts stamps, DCWV or a bind it all as long as you say exactly what you have used instead and still get the extra draw ticket and entry to the competition. FULL COMPETITION RULES AND PRIZE DETAILS

I think thats all in regards to my competition and challenges. So here are some bits and peices that I have been working on yesterday and today.

This is the CJ I am doing with my sisiter her Mother in law and a friend were going to pass them round 4 times , so we needed a subject that we could change so mine is I love

This is my 1st entry Art that I love, my second one is going to be Music that I love.

This is my entry for the Gothic Arches By the sea challenge . Its my 1st Gothic Arch challenge really enjoyed it. I have been playing around with printed line art and had this weird image of a woman with a fish hat, which I love dispite it being so bizzare, so I had to use it.

Above we have my entry for The Created by hand Watercolour backgrounds challenge . You cannot see much of the background , again I have been playing around with printed line art. I cut out the white sections of the armchair leaving the lines , so the background is exposed and stamped the corner stamp in that area before adhering the cut out line art. I used watercolour washes and then watercolour pencils to create the background.

I have also created you a free paper download based on watercolour backgrounds Hope you like it.

If you like it you can download it free here FREE PAPER DOWNLOAD

I won't be posting on Sunday I have promised myself a day off. So catch you on Monday

Friday, 11 April 2008

Mens cards Project Download, Dovecraft Masculine papers examples . Theme Thursday Challenge,Thank god its Friday Challenge Entry

Have been busy, I am tidying my craftroom today. Its amazing how quickly it can get into a mess,. So have concentrated on that, but I have nipped in to make a quick couple of posts.

In relation to the competition which starts on the 14th April (see details HERE) I have some examples of cards made using Dovecraft Products . These cards are made from the Masculine Paper pack and masculine brads and ribbons

I must admit that mens cards and layouts are always harder to do than womens cards and layouts , but with this range of papers brads and ribbons it easy to put together cards and layouts in a flash. So these are my examples of cards using Dovecraft products for today. Dont forget if you are American you can use Hampton Art, Bind it all or DCWV products instead of Dovecraft. Due to the unavailability of Dovecraft in America.

Anyway as I have started on a male theme I have decided that today It would be pretty much an all male post so today I have another dowloadable project for you 3 Male cards. My favorite being "Who says your going downhill rapidly" card

All my projects are avail;able to download free here FREE PROJECT DOWNLOADS

I also have a Craft Robo cutting file or GSD Its a multi stackable border not suitable for handcutting or other machines if you want to download it . Go to GSD Download link in the sidebar. In the title it will give you a password which you need to remember and enter in lowercase in the password box.

If you want to take part in the 8 by 8 Big Card challenge you still have 4 days to get your entry in (see details and instructions for 8 by 8 card blank HERE)

Update on the mystery book we have 9 participants so far . You can see all the information on the Mystery Book Project HERE

and finally I do have a freebee paper for you hope you like it

If you like it you can download it free here. FREE PAPER DOWNLOAD

Finally 3 things . You can vote in my sidebar for your choice of project for the 14th You have 24 hours to vote . Secondly don't forget if you make a comment on any post between 2nd April and 14th May you will get 1 draw ticket, you will get 1 ticket per post you comment on. and finally You can be getting your competition entries ready the more entries the more chance of winning.

So thats me for today. I think I will be busy most of tommorow but we shall see. I may nip in to give some GSD, and free papers .

ANYway I have nipped back to upload my layout using the Just my man paper. I am a great believer in work smarter not harder so I have combined it with two challenges, killing three birds with one stone THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY , Blue and Green Challenge and THEME THURSDAY s Cherish challenge. Have been up since 5 o.clock working on this I started with the cherish theme then went and checked out some of my favorite challenge sites and I thought that Thank God its Fridays challenge could be done with this paper . It needed a bit of messing around but I love the result

Hope you like my example and takes on the challenges
Will catch you laters

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Free Card project Download Young Women cards Dovecraft Amethst Papers by Kate Knight plus Street Team entry

Hi have just nipped in to post you a free card project using Dovecraft Kate Knight papers. Kate Knights new pack will be out towards the end of May. They are lovely, and as veratile as the 1st ones. Later in the Month I will be using them in a downloadable project keep checking back . One of the cards envolves stamping and embossing metal. Makes great 3 d embellishments take a look.

Anyway if you want to make any of these cards you can download the project sheet here

FREE PROJECT SHEET DOWNLOADS this link gives you access to all my blog projects

Oh by the way just to say how disorganised I am . Quilting club is next week LOL so I have a little time to work on my blog hense the free project sheet
Hope you like it

I was blog surfing today. Start at my last posts 1st comment, then go to that persons 1st blog , then their 1st link, or comment etc and I came across
GPP NETWORK STREET TEAMand their crusades wow what a stunning amount of inspiration and technique tutorials ,They are on challenge 19 Cut it out, Make your own stencils.

So I have created a GSD stencil and matching mat of yesterdays large owl, you can download it in the side bar.

Can also be downloaded as JPG for hand cutting and use with other programable machines in the same place . If you want to know what to do with your matt and stencil click on the STREET TEAM link above and be inspired. Hopefully later today i will get an example of work produced with template. If I have enough time

Have been playing around with my stencil and designed you an extra freebee paper for today called Towit Towooow

Using my owl stencil as the start of the design and the fact it had to be black and white to make up for my triangle entry not making it in time and being able to use it for the Black and white challenge instead for Arty Girlz Challenge Blog. If you like it you can download it free
I have mirrored it and printed it off as a small acetate overlay am off to play bye for now.
Ps don't forget to comment for Dovecraft Laura Ashley Draw tickets and to get your challenge entry in before 14th April

Free Paper download

Well its going to be a short post today everyone . Will be very busy all day, and Doctor says that I ought to take it a bit easier. I have been spending a lot of time on my blog and trying to sort out the prizes for next months competition and the Mystery book challenge. Have been burning the candles a bit

so here goes

Last in the Floral Avoidance paper set. If you like it you can download it free here FREE PAPERS DOWNLOAD sorry if you tried to download , link was broken now fixed.

Am working on something unusual which will both be available as a free paper overlay files and GSD cutting files. Hopefully it will be on tommorow night. My downloads and GSD files have been flying out, which means I must be doing something right.

5 More days to get your entry in for the 8 by 8 card challenge, see details HERE

5 days to go to get your early entries ready for the competition, details HERE

Leave 1 comments on any of the posts dated between 2nd April and 14th May and you will get 1 draw ticket per post (so comment on 10 posts and you get 10 draw tickes)

Mystery book project is coming along nicely. We have 9 interested people who have voted on which Cosmo Cricket paper collection and blackboard book they would prefer the project to be done with you can Read Mystery book project post HERE

In the sidebar is a GSD Downloads link . There are now jpg available to handcut 1 project and a Jpg for owners of other programmable machines to use to make their own files.

So I think that is all folks. Am off to bed this morning (again) well the Doc said go to bed early LOL am off patchwork and quilting all day.

Thats all folks

Monday, 7 April 2008

Arty Girlz Challenge entry, free paper, competition update

Here is another card using Dovecraft papers and All dressed up DCWV glitter stack

This was for my entry to the Arty Girlz Triangles challenge, ( its 12 inches by 8 inches) take a look there are loads of wonderful entries there are so many inspiring places and crafters out there. However I was too late to enter it into that challenge by minutes, However next challenge is Black and White so I have entered it for that instead. Same link as above. The same Charcoal prints as in the 8 by 8 card . Ive added red gems to the top paper and red brads to the bottom paper

Announcement for American and Canadian crafters who can't get hold of Dovecraft. I have been given the go ahead for American and canadian crafters only you can use any of Bind It All, DCWV or Hampton Art products instead of a dovecraft product. I hope tthat this makes thing easier for you all to enter the comp.

If any of you are interested in having instructions on how to make a 12 by 12 triangle card post a comment and I will put some togethr. maybe for the next challenge.

Anyway I was checking my blog stats earlier and 951 hits today from 235 crafters, and so few comments all those chances missed. Check out my blog stats at those of you who havent listed your blog on crafty blogs, it tells you how many hits and visitors you've had and promotes your blog at the same time nifty tool.

Anyway I have uploaded a new GSD file 3 owls in my download link in sidebar. You will need to enter the password which is in the Link title after Todays password is
There is also a JPG which could be handcut or you can use it in your other programmable cutting machines to create your own cutting file I now have two folders in the gsd download folder one called handcutting and the other programmable diecut. I will be placing JPGs of some of my files in the suitable catagories. The owls are suitable for handcutting and other programmable die cut machines so you will find them in the relevant folders.

Finally here is my free digital crafting, scrapbboking paper download for today.

All bright and breezy today hope you like it its called Summertime check
If you like it you can download it free HERE

So thats all for today folks. I won't be doing much of a post on Wednesday I may have some new GSD#s if I get time and a freebee paper. So as you won't have much to read get tackling my crafting Challenge for the 8 by 8 card and entries into the draw
and comment on my posts between 2nd April and today and you will get more entries into the draw, Spread the news on your blog, leave a comment with link to your blog and get 2 entries into the draw.
Byeeee for now

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Only one entry in the 8 by 8 card Challenge with instructions (INTERNATIONAL ENTRIES WELCOME)

Well I am really surprised that there has been only 1 entry in the challenge so far,although I have had some e mails from international readers (International entries welcome in any of my competitions and challengeswill ship prize internationally) saying that it was difficult for them to enter, so challenge was originally till 7th but now will be running till 14th to give people chance to buy some Dovecraft products if they are international and want 2 draw entries I think that this is only fair).
So you still have a week to enter this challenge
I am really looking forward to seeing your 8 by 8 cards. (for instructions on how to make 8 by 8 card blank from A4 card see challenge post see post

However there are quite a few comments on my blog (1 draw ticket for each comment, I comment only per person per post. Unless linked to competiton or challenge entries), and a few who have linked their blogs to the competition post (2 draw tickets). Full Prize and competition rules here
Come on ladies get your early draw tickets comment on my blog posts dated between 2nd April and 14th April or enter the challenge and be in with more chances of winning the draw prize.
There will be another challenge posted on the 14th in a Challenge post (which will also run for 2 weeks) Competition for the craft item prize will start on the 14th. in Competition post. Get your competition entries ready now
I am not posting much today as I ended up working through the weekend . I do have a
another freebee paper in the Floral Avoidance set

Hope you like it . If you do you can download it free here Free Paper Download
Look in my side bar for free GSDs (Craft Robo cutting files) This will be updated in the near future to GSDs and cutting templates. When I get the time to un engineer my current GSD's so I can save them as JPGs.
If you download the free paper and leave a comment below in the comment box on this post you get 1 entry into the draw. Thats great I give you a free paper and a chance to win crafting stash all at the same time INTERNATIONAL ENTRIES WELCOME

Update on the mystery Album, journal project. It will definatly be going ahead, and there will be a kit, just need to iron out the final kit requirements. We really need you to to tell us if you are interested in doing the mystery journal and wether you would consider buying a kit, so the lady who is willing to do the kits knows if she needs more stock. If you are interested could you leave a comment with your e mail and then as well as posting kit info and supplies list on here I can e mail you direct as a reminder that project will be starting soon and you need to get supplies.
Everything in the project can be hand cut and there will be templates, which could be cut in any programmable die cut machine eg Wishblade, Craft robo, or Cricut expression with Sure cuts a lot softwear if you have one. I will be putting a downloadable Craft Robo GSD file for download as well.
Anyway thats all for now

Competition and draw rules (requested)

Hi All and apologies

One of my friends has pointed out that shes not sure what prize she can win for doing what .
This is my fault as I shown you little bits at a time and have never put everything in one post so you can see which prize and what to do. Sorry if you were confused So here goes and Thanks Ann

INTERNATIONAL ENTRIES WELCOME (prize will be posted anywhere in the world))

Dovecraft Laura Ashley Contemporary set of items

Which are Dovecraft Laura Ashley Contemporary 6 by 6 Paper pack, wood block stamp set and two packs of the matching dome stickers (alphabet and embellishments )

To get draw tickets you can

Comment on any post between 2nd April and competition end date and you get 1 draw ticket

Due to the unavailability of Dovecraft products in America and Canada .Americans and Canadians (only) can use any of these Bind It All, DCWV or Hampton Art products for their entries and they will get 2 Draw tickets (still need to be mentioned in your description) They can also use these in the competiton and entries will be valid

Take part in any of the two challenges. For every attempt at the challenge. if you use any Dovecraft products 2 tickets if not 1 ticket . Winner will recieve 5 draw tickets

Winner of the challenge will recieve 5 extra tickets in the draw (1st challenge HERE and post your links to challenge here) 2nd challenge will be on the 14th April

You will also get a draw tickets every time you enter the Crafting competiton Entries with Dovecraft 2 tickets entries without 1 ticket

Spread the news. If you post on your blog about the comp (with link in my comments) 2 tickets


Dovecraft Laura Ashley Traditional prize set

Dovecraft Laura Ashley Traditional 12 by 12 papers, clear stamp set, 1 set ribbon stickers , and 1 set dome embellishment stickers.

Create any craft item with at least one Dovecraft Product (which must be mentioned in your post or in photo title discription)
Display it on your blog, photo gallery, lens or any other place that you can link too. Post a comment on Competition post with link to it. (recieve tickets in draw as mentioned in draw prize)

Then on the 14th of May the sponsor of this prize will select their favorite entry. Which will be announced on the 15th May

You can enter as many or as few times as you want.

Good luck everyone.