Thursday, 4 April 2013

Just dropping in for a quicky

Well its 23.48 have been really busy again and a bit under the weather, but definatly wanted to do a quick post.  And its going to be really quick as I have to print of a voucher to go to Catalyst science Museum in Widnes tommorow with my grandson. I also have to Put my camera batterys to charge and make sure I have a clear camera card and get some sleep.

Just a quick layout and possibly tommorow I may post a pic of a card I made for my Neices birthday

this layout is of my grandson in the bath. He is really really the apple of my eye, I love him so much . I loved theis picture of him he is so cute. The kit I've used is Candy Melon by ImagiNation at Design House Digital. I love the ribbon apple its so cute and the button tree.

I'm hoping to get somne good photos tommorow although if I can't get my act together I won't be ready to go in the morning.

Bye for now