Saturday, 20 October 2007

Saturday Sunday 20th 21st Still feeling under the weather

Well all
Have felt bad all day, class went well though. We did doodling your own journalling blocks, Very quiet class, it usually is if they feel its a challenge, still had a laugh though.
Anyway have nipped on again to give another freebee download. This time a vintage paper, if its popular I will do a different colourway tommorow Hopefully

If you like it you can download it Free Paper Download

Don't forget only 5 days left to comment before I draw the winner for the English paper Company christmas collection 72 real papers for you to use for Christmas projects and cards etc.

If I don't make it on tommorow , I apologise in advance , Hope I do to do the other colourway, by the way , can't wait for you to see Mondays Challenge paper its my favorite yet

Friday, 19 October 2007

Friday 19th October Feeling a little rough

Well I had planned to do some crafting and have loads of examples for you yesterday, as well as getting my examples finised for Mondays Papercraft junkies Challenge, but felt really off all day and have neded up doing very little. Still feel off and i am teaching this morning so wish me luck.

Anyway i have managed to nip on to leave you a freebee

If its to your taste you can download it free Free Paper Download

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Thursday, 18 October 2007

Thursday 18th October. Chipboard frames

As part of a design pack from Papercraft Junkies I recived some chipboard elements. Now although I thought they were really nice, they are probably something I would nt have bought myself. Always up for a challenge I decided to start with tht part of my pack. I wanted to do something special with them, They are so easy t adapt and I wanted to show thatbut just wasn't happy with my very numerous ideas. However I was looking at them yesterday morning and suddenly inspiration hit.
So I set to it and before I knew it I'd created this for my sister. Its to remind her of her wedding day and about how close her family are.

I punched holes in the frames . The wires in the middle section start on one edge of the top frame get wrapped around the title and end up on the opposite edge of the bottom frame. I used a large chipboard flower and inked it with black then edged it in green marker, added the prima flower and letter brad. attached the chipboard letters . Inked the edge of the family matters chipboard and adhered that to the bottom frame . Added the paper flower, Used the Heidi Swapp paper ribbon to create a stem and to pick up on the pinks in the photo, added th paper flower and button with thread detail. Added some fibres to the bottom and a dome sticker and a pink and green paper flower to the bottom frame to pick up on the pink from the top frame.

Anyway Yvette really loves it and is hanging it in her livingroom. Im always really pleased when Yvette likes my stuff as being a crafter herself, and a good one at that, she is really honest. You know when you've spent ages on something and you think that somethings still not right, well I always take them to Yvettes abd as if she likes it, If she does then I'll tell her what I think is wrong and see if she agrees. Its really great, she has stopped me throwing some of my projects away, funnily enough when I look at them the day after, they look like different cards LOL

Anyway have a freebee for you today again a matching paper to yesterdays and the day befores freebees

If you like it you can download it Free Paper Download and a lighter version Free paper Download

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ps Simply Cards and Papercrafts Magazine is out today with my Craft Robo Christmas card project

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Wednesday 17th October odd crafting bits

Thought you might like to know a bit about me, so here are a couple of los about myself

Digi Lo Things I am definatly NOT

About how my MUm myself and my daughter are very very similar another digi

Just a reminder about the era when I was born

Anyway if you haven't scrapped yourself, then what you should remember is that although we feel as if we arn't that interesting our grandchildren and great grandchildren will think we are. So lets give them something to think about, the more honest we are as scrappers the more valuable our scrapbooks will become, If we scrap both good and bad, our journey through life, it will be a useful tool for our grandchildren to see how we progressed through life, to see that we did nt always have it easy
This is a layout that is brutally honest about my strengths and weaknesses and how no matter what life has thrown at me, always manage to get up and start again. The brutally honest bit is in the mini book, my family have all read it, but its very honest. Its a digi lo and paper lo combination. I printed my digi and then scrapped it

anyway enough about me,
if you have a lo about yourself, post it on your blog and post a link here and you will get 2 bonus tickets in the English Paper Company Blog Candy Givewawy, and if you haven't scrapped yourself yet this is a good excuse to start. Any comment gets 1 ticket in the draw as per usual

Ps There will be 5 extra bonus tickets in the draw for the lo that grabs my attention and tells me something about you

Here is todays freebee paper based on yesterdays paper

If you like it you can download it free Free Paper Download

So everyone tell me about yourself in the form of a lo

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Tuesday 15th October Craft Robo Cards

Well as my project is coming out in Simply Cards and papercrafts on the 18th featuring the Craft Robo I thought I would put a couple of Craft Robo Cards on my blog. I had been commisioned to do a 30th bithday femail and a 1st wedding anniversary card . so had a look on UK scrappers and found templates for shoes, and a template for a stunning wedding card. So decided to do those two.

The small tag reads congratulations on your 1st anniversary, and the second reads with all our love. This was from a stunning template on Uk scrappers by Jennie Bean to be honest I did nt have to do much to it at all. I printed the love quote on acetate then adhered it in the apeture. I used the craft robo and pen holder and pink sakura to write the tags and the couples name on top of the cake. I used Heidi Swapp thin pink Decorative dots tape it comes with a thick black and white polka dot which is ace and a medium pink stripey but this ultra thin ribbon was just perfect and I must admit it was great value at £3.50 at . Love the seloptape style dispenser as well.

Have had my Craft Robo for a year now, and cannot believe how useful it is. Ive cut peel offs to my own design, cut die cuts that I just could nt get anywhere else, used it to do decoupage, used it to write fonts in Sakura pen, cut appertures, cut words, best thing I ever bought. with so many free templates on UK scrappers as well its ace, anyway

This was from a great template from ErikaP again on UKscrappers just the shoes.

I cut them in K and co doublesided can't remember which stack it was from. Designed box to fit and look a bit like a shoe box. I wanted the whole thing to look like an expensive make of shoes, and the card inside to look like a promotional card from the makers, celebrating 30 years. Inside it has Have a great day and space to write a personal message . Think it worked very well

The lady who ordered them was really pleased.

Anyway I have a freebee downloadable paper for you again

If you like it you can download it free Free Paper Download

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Catch you later

Monday, 15 October 2007

Monday 15th October Papercraft Junkies Challenge

Hello everyone its Papercraft Junkies Challenge day again
This weeks challenge is Autumn, so use Autumn colours or themes, whatever autumn reminds you of. I love Autumn colours so again have a few examples. I took 6 Autumnal papers to work and just played around with them, This is what I ended up with

For this I used a leaf punch and a circle punch. I punched the leaf 1st then punched a circle around it with the punch held upside down so you can see where you are positioning it. Really easy but effective. Then placed the circles over a strip of textured gold card. Used the leaves that were punched out and a few more. Quick and simple card

This is the same basic technique only this time I punched a small circle. then puched the other circle off centre. This time I matted them twice and created an oriental feel.

Ive had a set of Autmn papers for 2 years, used a few when I 1st got them, for this layout

then saved the rest becuase I wanted to use them on another special project. However I still had quite a few So I decided to use some of them to create a mini book, and used the left over peices to create 2 more cards . I still have one of each of my favorite papers set aside for something really special. .

I cut out 3 of the tree designs on one of the papers, they had wiggly edged boxes around them
I used a Dovecraft chipboard ribbon slider sticker (although if you ve noticed the Papermania ones are exactly the same) Used the backing paper to make a ribbon . Thats it basically

This is the cover of the mini book I have made, although I must admit its not finished yet. I ve covered all the pages, but I want to fill it with pics I take this autumn and quotes. and finally

Used a thin strip of the remaining peice of my favorite paper, there wasn t much left as its mostly in my book., and two other strips, and placed them at bottom of card. Then used a chipboard slide mount around the remaining peice of my favorie paper . added brads and attached to top of card. This is a great way to make the most of your favorite papers. Even though there is not much of that paper left both peices really stand out as the feature of the card

Don't forget that my very tallented design team mates examples for challenge 10 can be seen HERE and if you enter you could win a 15% discount from at
As usual I have created a themed paper for you to download

available to download Free paper Download

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Anyway thats me for now
Catch you all later

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Sunday 14th October. Craft Shopping and Inspiration outside the box


Well I am back from the model engineers exhibition. As per usual about 30 men for every woman there, well not actually for but you know what I mean.
Have loads and loads of great pics everything from model horse and carts,

to skeleton clocks.

I must admit this was my favorite skeleton clock the brass was polished to a mirror smoothness and it sparkled, and the mechanisms tick was so musical and delicate, Wow how much work it must have taken. As a crafter, I really admire all the models as I can appreciate how much effort and dedication must go into each one, and some of the detial is astounding

This motorbike model was almost completly made from wood. It was beautiful but what caught my eye was the attention to detail

The goggles were just the perfect finishing touch

I must admit that I love anything that is smaller than it should be, I just think they are great, its the big kid in me. I think my favorites are the Fairground steam engines,

this from memory was a 12th scale or similar model

and this is a road going version

I think I must love them because they remind me of my childhood. When I was 2 my nextdoor neighbours son David was 19, I told him I would marry him, he built me a dolls house which I adored. True love LOL He was mad about steam engines and used to drive a fairground engine at some of the local fairs, which my nan would take me to see. So the smell of coal and grease and steam reminds me of those days, and was probably a big part of why I fell for my OH, as he loves steam engines too. I was right following my hunch as he is every bit as great as David was.

Can't wait to scrapbook all my photos, I love the colours the red or green or black against the polished brass work.
Anyway whilst I was there I of course had my scrappers head on and am always looking for nifty bits to add to my craft stash. I was actually looking for something that i knew I could find there. A while ago I saw some letter and number punches on Paperwishes HOTPs webisodes. I knew that model engineers use something very similar , anyway I managed to find a set for 11.45 which was a lot cheaper especially without postage from USA so I was happy. I also bought a drill gauge. Its metal and has holes graded from 1mm to 13mm in half mm's Im going to use it as a template to get perfectly matching drawn circles every time . If I get chance I will do an example using it this week, however it was very expensive at £1.35. If you are interested I have found the same gauge on their site, but its not at show price its £1.95 Proops brothers They also have the letter and number stamps in 3 sizes here
If you want to see how to use them go HERE

I also fell in love with a font

So I will be trawling the net to find someone who has designed a font similar to this one.

Its very true , that crafters can find inspiration anywhere

Anyway I also have a free paper download for you today Its based on the night sky
Hope you can find a use for it

if you like it its available Free Paper Download

Well thats it from me for this morning, dont forget papercraft junkies challenge is uploaded tonight ready for tommorrow.
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