Friday, 27 July 2007

Friday 27th July

Well just come back from my £5.00 challenge layout day at my sisters. Really pleased with my layout and hidden tag. I wanted to use both sides of my papers. so cut a corner and slotted my photo into it then turned over the edge. My tag is the purple flower hidden behind the flap. It really helped to make me more creative to get the most out of my £5.00 , and I still have quite a lot left to play with. I also prnted my photo on matt and glossy photo paper , Then decoupaged the glossy on top of the mat paper to create more depth. I really like the effect and want to try it again with a coloured photo

So if you are looking for a lo challenge. Then limit yourself to spending no more than £5. If you do one i would love you to put a link here so i can see your creations

Thursday, 26 July 2007

Thursday 26th July

Well yesterday My sister, her friend Ann and myself went shopping for items for a £5.00 layout challenge. Which we will be doing tommorow. I managed to buy 4 double sided cardstock pages that the shop was selling off from a partially used K and Co scrap pad . A set of Anitas peel offs 3 sheets of flower peel offs in 3 colours. 2 A4 peices of coloured acid free cardstock and 5 quarter meters of organza ribbon. I think thats it. All the purchases have been swopped till tommorow so no one can pre prepare any items. You are only allowed to use a straight cutter, scissors,hole punch, craft knife and one journalling pen. No clever bits and peices, no templates. You can print of 1 title to handcut but thats it. No die cutters. No items to be used that were not purchased yesterday.
I really love all my purchases and can#t wait to see what I can create tommorow. As soon as i have finished my lo I will upload it to my blog for you all to see.
Wish me luck

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Wednesday 25th July

Love trying new things, so promised myself that I would try something new (to me) on my layout. Love Die Cuts with a View retro stack. So used some of those. I have never coloured the background of a photo and have never done anything other than put text onto a photo. So decided to alter my photos on this Scrapbook Layout.
Use scraffito and a hole punch and an orange permanant marker to match the photos to the layout. the scraffito is to mirror the straight lines and the punched holes the polka dot pattern.
I really enjoyed altering my photos . so if you want a challenge alter your photos on your next layout.