Friday, 29 June 2007

Saturday and Sunday

Well everyone I have decided to have two days off. I have had an awful month this month, other than my blog everything else is going wrong. SO I have decided to give myself a day out with my partner to clear the cobwebs and get my head straight. I am also working on Sunday. So I wont be in to post. Still have to take this foreign keyboard back as well. Then my punctuation will improve, it helps if you can find where the punctuation is hidden.

So I have decided to set Saturday and Sundays Dares Now.

Saturdays dare is a limited supplies dare, and can be used for cards, los or altered art.
You can only use
Plain coloured card ,pens,and ribbon Thats it nothing else, well obviously glue

for the example I am going to use the crop circles challenge card I did . I have been out all day so have not had a chance to do all fresh examples for both dares. I will be doing more examples in future as my life gets a little less hectic and complicated.

Sundays Dare is a Limited pallete
The pallete is Red Black and Gold
again I am using 1 previous peice of work. This time a scrapbook lo and a quick card I put together in burgundy red card, looks a bit brown on here

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Fridays Challenge 15 or 40 min Tidy up challenge

Well I am again out most of Friday so posting Fridays dare early. I have been tidying up my craft room and came across some unfinished bits and peices. The green with the ribbon was a section I did for a scrapbook page but did nt ge the shape quite right. The card blank was left over from a star book I made. The flower head was one remaining from a bunch bought at the £1.00 shop. I kept the middles thinking I would use them for something and never did. The love is a remaining peice of rub on and the chipboard it is on was an offcut from I can t remember what. The peice of paper was a small peice remaining from another layout. I went through my uncompleted bits and scraps piles just pulling out bits that I thought would go. ended up with three piles. One Acids, one red and black, and one blues and greens. The acid pile really shouted at me so that is what I went with. I gave myself 15 minutes to come up with a card from the pile.
So the challange or dare is Take 15 mins to complete a card from your bits peices and unfinished stash, or 40 minutes for a scrapbook lo.
Sometimes I just like the freedom that no time gives you.

Dont Forget DARE TAG starts on my blog on Wednesday 4th July

Caardvarks Micro challenge numbers

I was looking through some challenges to see what would inspire me and Caardvarks Micro Numbers challenge caught my eye. I also have to make a Female Civil Partnership card, so decided to combine the two things and this is the result,
I wanted the result to be feminine but not to frilly . Or feminine with an edge.
I really enjoyed the challenge. So thanks Caardvarks. If you fancy this challenge it has to be posted in their comments by 12.00 tonight.
I also had a very quick go a the the Caardvarks crop circles challenge as well. here it is

If I get some more time. I may have another go,

Thursdays Dare

Well for Thursdays dare, Im sort of going on with the arty theme, and after going to Moms out theres blog and finding a link to BLOGTHINGS I completed the questionaire What art movement are you. Here are my results which I have to say pretty well sum me up
You Are Romanticism

You are likely to see the world as it should be, not as it is.
You prefer to celebrate the great things people do... not the horrors they're capable of.
For you, there is nothing more inspiring than a great hero.
You believe that great art reflects the artist's imagination and true ideals.

So for Thursdays dare fill in What art movement questionaire and create a peice of craft that reflects any part of their conclusion to your answers . For my example here is a lo that I digitally created a while ago which funnily enough fits so well, and sort of proves that the questionaire works well .
Try some of their other questionaires as well they are great fun.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

anyone interested in playing dare tag

As you all seem to want more dares and challenges. I have had an idea. Do you fancy a game of Dare tag. I was thinking of running it on a Wednesday, I would start with the 1st dare. You would have 3 days to submit your take on the dare. Then I would pick one of the entrants and tag them. They would then do the dare the next week. I will keep a record on my blog of where that weeks tagged crafter is. I think its a great idea, if you fancy this idea post a comment and next wednesday I will launch Dare tag, I will also still be doing the daily dares.

Wednesdays Dare

We have my new computer, only problem is they have given me a foreign keyboard. So am struggling with it. Every time I want @ I have to go to the character map to get it. ARGHHHHHHHHHH. Anyway my partner is doing a bit of DIY at present so thats the basis of todays dare. You have to DIY your papers. Start with plain card or paper and decorate it. No pre printed paper to be used. I also want you to DIY 1 embellishment. Here is my example which I made this morning. I painted the background with acrylic paints, two then cut a strip with stripes going the other way. Then stamped Tuscan rose florish stamp (yes I have now got them YIPPEE oh I havent got a close bracket on this keyboard arghhhhhh. Its got two open brackets. Im so confused, things arnnt even where they say they are arghhhhhh. I stamped the florish in gold encore ink , then inked the edge of the paper. I used a Karen Russel Naratives Acetate pocket. I stamped and coloured a peice of card to place inside and finished with one of my corner peel off butterflies.Hope you like it. The photo is a bit washed out, as I have no photo editing softwear on my new computer yet. Having a problem installing my printer, Vista uhm . I am going now to complain about this stupid keyboard. Catch you later

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Tuesday 26th June & DARE A DAY launch

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Well my computer has finally given up the ghost and I am madly running from one friends house to another to keep my blog and other computer comitments running. So a new computer is in the offing (about blinking time to) So my posts may be a bit short for the next few days. After reading the answers so far to my challenge series starter. it seems that dares,challenges and competitions are wht you want to see more of.So I have decided to set a "dare a day" as well as running the challenge and a monthly competition. This may be a bit awkward for the 1st few days until I get my new computer. So my 1st dare is Based on the work of Wassily Kandinski > One of my favorite artists. Information here Below are 3 pictures by Kandinski, create a crafted item (card, layout, altered art peice )inspired by any one of the 3Kandinski Pictures ,

You can take inspiration from any of the paintings, you can use the shapes, the colours whatever the painting you choose says to you.
So that is my 1st Dare a day,I look forward to seeing your takes on this dare.
Don't forget the closing date for my competition is 29th so get your entries in to have a chance at winning a Ribbon Mad pick and mix ribbon kit. So I will nip in to put a new dare tommorow.

Monday, 25 June 2007

Monday 25th

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Well I've been a blogger for 16 days, and so far my blog is mostly about Me, not that Im complaining but Today I want to learn about you, and also what you would like to see on my blog.
So I want your answers to the following questions

1> Favorite Craft tool
2> Worst craft purchase and why
3> Favorite Artist (ie Painter, sculpter etc )
4> Favorite Song
6> Most recent craft purchase
7> My pet hate
8> My greatest Love
9> My favorite place
10 Happiest moment

11 What I would love to see more of on your blog, eg projects, challenges, dares, competitions,
12 The craft item (any craft item that you have made that you are the proudest off. Can be sewn, papercrafted, anything)I am most proud of, so far, to be shown on your blog.

For the most interesting reply there will be a small prize. I will post to anywhere in the world.
This is the start of a series of challenges, each challenge will be in some way linked to the questions you have answered. This is going to be a series of challenges that will be fun to do, full of twists and turns and full of inspiration.
They will run for 16 weeks and at the end I will purchase a prize. This will be given to the person who has the 1 submission that to me really stands out. It can be from any week, you don't have to do every challenge to win, but obviously the more you do the greater your chance of winning. I will post the prize to anywhere in the world, so come along for this challenge Helterskelter ride.