Saturday, 5 April 2008

Mystery Book details and Rock star card project Download

Hi all

I have had an amazingly hectic day yesterday , so haven't managed to do any more examples for the competition. I had a box through the post yesterday morning from Cosmo Cricket, Wow love everything. I am really keen to work with all of it. You will be seeing and hearing more in the near future.

Cosmo Cricket honey pie

I do patchwork and quilting and have been thinking about mystery quilts. They give you a list of fabric one week, tell you what sizes to cut it in the next week. The week after you get some instructions to assemble sections and so on.

I have been thinking that it might be a great way to do a project say over a week. (Obviously I would give you the supplies needed list 2 weeks before) I am in negotiations with an interested shop owner , So there will be a kit. Details when supplies list is issued

I would like to think that each stage is a starting point and that you can wander of it and back to it whenever you want. Alter bits add bits leave bits out etc. It would be really interesting to see posts at each stage to see just how quickly they all deviate. There will be a downloadable sheet of instructions every day so that you can complete it in your own time if you prefer.

I would love to do a project with One of the Cosmo Cricket packs and a Cosmo Cricket blackboard book . If you would be interested in taking part in this challenge leave a comment on here.

Cosmo Cricket Fleuriste papers

I will put up two votes on my side bar and you can vote for which collection and which album you would like me to use for the project FLEURISTE or HONEY PIE and KATES ALBUM ( project will be a Music journal which will hold 6 cds or RUBYS ALBUM (project not quite finalised).

Click on the links to see each paper pack in detail then vote on my side bar . Project will be made with the top collection and album choice.

I will give you a week to vote and comment and if there is enough interest I will then announce the supplies list and start date the following week. Then on the start date you will get the 1st instruction download.

As promised I have the DCWV Rock Star Cards project download which you can download free here

Free DCWV Card Project Download

I have managed to do you another freebee paper download in the floral avoidance set

If you like this you can download it free here. Free Paper Download
Hope you like it.
Anyway thats me for the weekend, I am having a day off after an amazingly long week. I am still supposed to be taking it easy so I will not push it so tommorow I hope that some of you post links to the competition post, start getting you challenge entries posted and work on your competition entries.

Comment on this post if you want to take part in the mystery book project.

If you want to take part in the competition HERE are the rules and the Spread the news comments draw entry

If you want to take part in the challenge for 1, 2 or 5 extra chances in the competiton draw read my post HERE

Don't forget there will be another challenge on the 7th and the competition starts in earnest on the 14th.

I would also like to tell you about Explore a new craft. My new group on squidoo.(Brand new last night has 5 new lensea already) I have recently been experimenting with mixing different crafts in finished items. I think lots of papercrafters are looking for something new and different. I am taking a glass slumping class. so I can make my own embellishments, and am learning beading techniques for the same reason. I thought that it would be great to have a place where crafters from different mediums could get together and exchange ideas, techniques and skills.

So I have started the group, if you fancy messing around with new techniques in your crafting come along. you can share your knowledge and learn about crafts that you had not even thought about.

I am planning to record my experiments in mixed medium crafting on my blog and hope that you will enjoy the successes and failures as I go along.

Have a great weekend

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Ist example for Competition. Big card trend challenge for an early draw entry

Since seeing some of the extra large cards that seem to be the new trend in cardmaking, I have been meaning to try big cards for a while so this morning when I was contemplating what to create for my 1st example of a competition entry it seemed the obvious choice .

So here is my 8 by 8 card

Using Dovecraft 8 by 8 Paper pack Charcoal Prints by french Designer Sandra Ranarison (which was in the Dovecraft Spring promotion goodie bag with loads of other great bits and i loved the bag too. Am going to try and alter it ) but you can buy the papers seperatly
The ribbon across the card is cut from one of the sheets of paper. The centre of the flower is Dovecraft charm brad. available in sets of six HERE.

The Big flower (5 inches in diameter) was one I got by taking a pound shop large peony head to peices. I always go to the pound shop for artificial flowers to take to bits. Small black flower was from my stash . I added diamonte gems to the centre of the printed flower and across the paper ribbon. I also added a paper ribbon to the back.

To make an 8 by 8 card blank . You need 2 peices of A4 card . Cut one peice into an 8 by 8 square. With the paper portrait place it in your cutter and cut to a width of 8 inches.

With your score board ( no matter which one you use) place short side of paper against the stop. Then score on the 1st score line. Fold at score line. With score line folded place card into your trimmer with unfolded edge on the side to be trimmed. Place fold along 8 inch mark and trim.

Take your card with the fold and place fold on right hand side and open out fold. Place glue, doublesided tape or tape runner along the small flap created by the fold. With the flap slightly folded, position the 8 by 8 peice so that it butts up to the crease and the flap is behind it. then press to adhere. Cover over join with co ordinating ribbon or paper or use a peel of border along the edge

You now have an 8 by 8 card blank. For an easy background take an 8 by 8 peice of paper and trim 10mm or a 1/4tof an inch (depending on your mesurement prefference) from the top edge and one side edge. If your card has a border trim all sides by either 5mm or 1/8th of an inch .

So thats todays example. If you want a Challenge make an 8 by 8 card yourself , if you make an 8 by 8 card and link it here you will get 1 early entry into the draw. If it has a Dovecraft product on it and you mention it , you will get 2 free entries into the draw. I will pick my favorite and they will get an extra 5 tickets in the draw. Challenge will run to the 14th instead of the 7th (this has been requested to give poeple a chance to go shopping for dovecraft products) then I will post another and that will run to the begining of the competition.

If this is your 1st time on my blog, and your wondering about the rules and prizes for the competition check out my last two posts for information

I said yesterday that I would post a photo of the Dovecraft Laura Ashley 6 by 6 contemporary papers that is part of the craft entry Draw prize . So here they are

I will post the links to the 1st 10 entries blogs here
For the love of paper and all papery things blog and entry
MagicDivas blog and entry
Rosies altered (T)art and stuff blog

I have also got a freebee paper for you. Another in the floral avoidance set

If you like it you can download it here Free Paper Download

See you tommorow with the Die cuts with a view Rock star Card Project with downloadable project sheet. If I get time I will do some more examples using Dovecraft products. Oh and there will be another paper in the floral avoidence set.

2nd prize in the Competiton announcement. Dovecraft Laura Ashley Traditional 12 by 12 papers and more. Plus tommorow challenge for extra draw tickets

The second prize that we has been generously donated by the online shop I linked to in my previous link because they had international shipping, good prices and a very big selection of Dovecraft products . As I have linked to them, they have offered another prize to be awarded to their favorite craft project (Isn't that brill) especially when you see the prize will be so here goes

Laura Ashley 12 by 12 pack of papers Traditional

Laura Ashley Ribbon Stickers Traditional

Laura Ashley Clear stamp set

(traditional and contemporary images mixed stamps)

and if that wasn't enough to finish of this great prize, we have the final item a pack of

Laura Ashley Traditional Embellishment stickers

So thats the Prize for the item chosen as our guest judges favorite craft entry.

Tommorow I will post pics of the Contemporary papers and the rest of the prize selection no 1 also if i get time in my hectic shedule tomorrow I will create a couple of examples of items using Dovecraft products. Once the comp starts I will post some examples of what you can create if you win either of these lovely prizes. .

Also there will be a CHALLENGE , which if you take part in you will recieve 1 early entry into the competition draw, or 2 entries if your finished item uses a Dovecraft product. Come back tommorow. Challenge will run till the 7th. When there will be a new challenge.

for full details of how to enter and start date visit Competition announcement post

Well on another note Look whatI have been given The Arte Y Pico award

from the lovely Debbie

This award originates from the Spanish blog Arte Y Pico and there are 5 rules attached, they are:1) You have to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also contributes to the blogging community, no matter what language. 2) Each award has to have the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog to be visited by everyone.3) Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself.4) Award-winner and the one who has given the prize have to show the link "Arte Y Pico" blog, so everyone will know the origin of this award. 5) To show these rules.

The 5 people I award this to are

1 Rosie (Rosie is a really friendly blogger she is ace. Her blog is great to read and always full of great stuff)
2 Shauna (I love her freebees and the style of her blog)
3 Amy (She selects some wonderful Digi freebees . And I always like her choices )
4 Lisa Lam ( I adore all her bags I wish mine were as good speaks a below average patchwork quilter)
5 Julie (Great inspirational craft selected from blogs around the world. Love seeing the items that have been showcased ) Sorry I was choosing between 2 blogs and got the names mixed up the blogger is julie not Alex

It was really hard to think of all the people whos blogs I check into and the ones that really impress me for different reasons. In the end these are 5 of a shortlist of too many to mention. Which reminds me that I really should update my blogs list LOL

Anyway that is all for me today

PS on Friday DCWV Rock star cards project sheet download
sorry no freebee on todays post but there will be one tommorow

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Crafting competition Winner will receive Dovecraft Laura Ashley Contemporary 6 by 6 papers and Stamps

Laura Ashley Contemporary stamp set, I will post a photo of the papers in a couple of days.

So the competition starts on the 14th of April. I am giving you plenty of warning so you can get crafting. You can enter no matter which country you live in. To enter you need to create craft items using at least 1 Dovecraft product ( If you want to decorate a plastic handbag with Dovecraft brads thats ok, if you want to use Dovecraft Stamps and stamp onto Fabric thats fine it can be any craft item) . If you need to buy try here select Dovecraft in the manufacturers drop down list and a massive range of products are available. They do international shipping for £4.99 for orders under £60.00 and if you get carried away free shipping over £60.00. Or you could put Dovecraft in my Google search box if you prefer. For every craft item you link to the competition post which will be dated 14th April you will recieve 1 entry into the draw for the prize.

You can have three items on one post , you get three entries. Your blog post (if you have more than 1 item in a post description must be clear as to which products you have used with which craft item) or photo description must tell me what Dovecraft item you used. The more you craft the more chances to win. You can type in the link of a photogallery photo if you haven't got a blog eg forum gallerys, photobucket etc .

You will also get an entry for every post (without a competition craft entry) on your blog that mentions the Competition and links to this post or the the competition post . So you can spread the word now, and start getting entries into the draw. You can enter no matter which country you live in. Prize will be sent no matter where you live. Competition entry will close on the 14 th of May . Winner will be announced a week later. I will also be announcing the next months competition at the beginning of May.

Complete list of prizes and all entry options HERE

Talking about papers I have designed you another freebee

If you like it you can download it here Free Paper Download its called Floral avoidance stripes .
The Avoidance comes from this wonderful pallet by pixeljedi I found on Colourlovers if you want this pallet yourselves its HERE . Colourlovers has loads of great pallets and colours and patterns for you to browse its definatly worth a visit, but it will probably be a long one.

breaking News

There are going to be two , yes two prizes
The craft entry draw
There will be a prize for the favorite entry picked by the donator of the second Prize
Come back tommorow to find out what the second prize will be and who the donator is.

You can e mail this post to a friend by clicking the little envelope icon at the bottom of the post.
Anyway all thats me for today, start getting your craft entries ready the more items you have the more entries you get.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Tuesday Free digi paper, and a hint about my blog candy competition

Well I have been busy today getting projects ready for the magazines, but I have managed to squeze in a freebee paper .

If you like it you can download it here Free Paper Download
Blog candy competition will be starting again on the 14th April only this time you will have loads of chances to enter. For every completed eligible craft item you post on your blog and link to the competition post you will get one entry. If you haven't got a completed craft item then you will get 1 entry for a post that links to my competition post. If you haven't got a blog you can post pictures in any online gallery and put the online address in the comments.

The prize will definatly be worth it keep popping back for hints about the wonderful prize Don't worry this is not an April fools

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Free digi paper and some past crafting projects

Well Ive managed it again another free paper if you liked he last one its in the same series of papers .

if you like it you can download it here Free Paper Download

I am working on the finished instructions for this weeks project The Rock Star cards. I have also got another idea for the Rock Star papers which may be a couple of weeks but well worth the wait.

Anyway I thought I would post some more pics of previous crafting projects just to give you a taster for the future.

Microscope slide cards

These were a project about doing something different with medallion stamps

A tear bear page

Had this lovely embroidered handmade paper for 2 years. Till I decided to do this mini book

anyway I am off for now catch you soon

Free digi paper and interesting Lippy Chick Flap book

Well I have been feeling a bit better and have managed to spend a bit more time on the computer so, I have designed you a new freebee paper.

If you like it you can down load it free here FREE PAPER DOWNLOAD
Hope you like it.
I am planning on doing regular projects on my blog including some hybrid scrapping and crafting using papers and embellishments from both the digital and conventional crafting arena. So be sure to pop back . I am also thinking of working with Microscope slides for both card making and scrapping. Here are some examples of some of my work

That was playing with peel offs and serendipity paper

This was a project I did for Making Cards magazine. The Papers (Autumn Leaves French Twist now sold out) and flowers and the Lippy Chick Book were all from
I am hoping that over the next few months I will be having at least 1 project a week and if I have time I may occasionally do 2 projects
Anyway hope to see you all soon