Thursday, 5 July 2007

Thursday 6th July

Really missing my old computer, and paint shop pro, and a printer. Its amazing how much I rely on the above. I cant wait to get this thing working properly. Today I should be tidying my craft room, but Im being irrisponsible and am spending the day with a friend instead. Sometimes its really great just to not do what you should be doing.
My friend has not been crafting for very long, so I go there and teach her a couple of new techniques for her to play with. We have a chat and a laugh , as you do. Sometimes its the simple pleasures that are most rewarding.

So if your looking for something to do today, teach yourself a new technque. If you are looking for a new technique to learn then here is a great site and list of tutorials and examples of techniques Split Coast Stampers Try a New technique list
Ive learned so many great techniques from this site.
Have a great day everyone

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

UHm Ive been tagged

Leigh very kindly tagged me. Well here it is

1 When I grew up I wanted to be excentric
2 I was bullied at school possibly because I was already excentric LOL
3 I dream of being able to sing, but cant hold a tune in a bucket
4 I cry terribly at sad films
5 My sister owns a picture of me with builders bum which she threatens to scrapbook
6 I keep saying that I will do a bungi jump when Im 90 as I probably wont mind losing my retinas then.
7 Im incredibly untidy

I tag Di or Rainowgirl
Ann Clemmons
Jules or Swirly Girly
Sarah, She scraps
Anna Or Skippie as she is lovingly known on UKSCRAPPERS

Yahhh Wednesday and the start of Dare Tag

Dont know why its registering as tuesday but Yes it is * am Wednesday Well this is it. I will post the 1st dare on here. You have three days to enter your take on the Dare, it can be a layout , a card or a peice of altered art then on Sunday I will choose one of the entries and tag the creator of the entry and they will have to set next Wednesdays Dare, Every Tuesday I will remind all where the next dare can be found. The person who sets the dare, tags the next person. Lets see how far we can go, If you have nt got your own blog. I will post your dare on my blog. So come on lets see how many countries and how long we can keep this tag game going.

Well I was hoping to get my photo editing softwear and craft robo sorted for the start of this as I really really am inspired to do this dare, but still having problems with this darn computer and vista, so havent managed to add any perifferals to the stupid thing yet, so unfortunatly I havent got an example. However I definatly will be doing this dare and all the others as soon as I can print of photos.

1st Dare
Album cover inspiration

You can either use one of the album covers that I have picked to base my layout on
or you can choose any album cover that inspires you.

Here are three covers that I really like

Goes without saying. Have always loved this great cover for a great record

Found this while searching album covers on google Its for a group called "F~~K the Facts" and the album is called Stigmata High five. Love the album cover. You can hear them here

Also from searching google if found the work of Ondrej Kolacek Who created this stunning cover for "Cafu"

You can see more of Ondrej Kolaceks work here

I really love all three covers and will be using them all to inspire altered art, cards and layouts as soon as this stupid computer starts woking properly or i take the stupid thing back and get another one , just really miffed that I am still unable to do digi scrapping download pictures. etc etc etc.
Good luck Taggers

Monday, 2 July 2007

Monday Its all about you Dare

So this is the Monday "All about you dare"
Create a lo or an ATC using your favorite craft tool.
with the theme
"How I feel today"

Here is my example


Well as is getting to be the norm, its a miserable rainy day here in Crewe. I have decided that I will not be continuing the daily dares, and will just concentrate on Dare Tag which is starting on Wednesday. Really looking forward to that. The winner of my competition is Di or rainowgirl . Being the only entrant it was not difficult to choose a winner. As soon as I recieve her address I will be sending the stunning ribbon pick and mix kit from Ribbon Mad.
Hoping to get some serious crafting done today. Have to work on my 1st circle journal, projects for Augusts demonstration at Alexander Paper Suppplies, and some card projects as well.
Had a great day out at Ironbridge and visited the Jakefield Tile museum again. Have some great photos which I want to do a lo off

The famous Thomas Telford Iron Bridge

examples of some o the stunning tiles

MAWS Tile works LOGO

Can t wait to get my photo editing softwear loaded to this computer, although not sure we are keeping it at the moment, as its a nightmare to use. If it drops into sleep mode, when you go back on it wont connect to the internet, so then you have to restart it. Plus the keyboard as I ve said before needs changing. We have not put any softwear on the computer yet and its not very stable. If we cant figure out whats going on by the end of the week its going back . Oh the joys of VISTA