Thursday, 24 July 2008

This Thursday challenge 6 . The golden rule Mixed media monday and Theme Thursday

Well its been an amazingly busy week partly because I could nt resist making so many examples for this weeks challenge on This Thursday One idea lead to another idea and then another and so I have loads of examples. So the Theme is The golden Rule. based on a quote by William Morris and you have to Create something beautiful or useful

These are my a bit about what makes me me Bag panels . I had meant to do some more panels for my bag and i adored the effects of the Moonglow inks and Starburst stains supplied by our sponsor THE STAMPMAN . The prize this week is a set of 5 Moonglow mists thanks to The Stampman . A great prize

I made various papers by painting moonglow inks onto card. Then covering in creased cling film, or sprinkling salt onto it , or crunching it up when wet. i also sprayed some moon rock paper with The moonglow mists.

I created the basic panel with peices of each paper added some peel of boarders to highlight the gold in the panels.

I stamped some images and coloured them, but no matter how I coloured them they did nt create the effect iI wanted, So I stamped them on plain white card and I love the contrast it gives.

Each panel is titled A bit of , and we have Mystery and magic, Drama , History, Sea air, Fun and wildlife.

If you like these they were created with starburst stains and moonglow mists and there is a tutorial on the This Thursday project page.

So this is my Pull and push card. I misted on sheet of card with Starburst stains Alpine Ice Rose, Mist and the other both sides Edelweiss Moss Green I just adore the way these glimmer

I used some butterfly clear stickers and some fairy clear stickers to finish this off. Its a card for my butterfly and fairy mad neice.

Here is my screwed up grungeboard bangle , which I painted with Moonglow inks Volacious Violet , In one light it looks like a faded leather in another it has a metallic purple shimmer. I added some screw brads, Coloured a mm Flower purple and brown.

I wanted to show the moonglow inks of so you could see the different look when you change the angle so I dribbled some different colours onto white cardstock to create this background. I also painted the hessian ribbon as well, but the effect on that is really really subtle.

I also noticed that the Theme on Mixed Media monday was rust and knew I could create some rusty looking items with the Moonglow inks so here are my final peices both for Mixed Media Monday

This is my acrylic and acetate Lamp. I created an acrylic box using 3mm acrylic sheet , you can buy it HERE They aslo do 5mm acrylic sheet in A3 and A1 great for making your own acrylic albums . The lamp is lit with a changing bulb this is presrntly a purple light, it looks amazing as it changes , and when unlit too .

and unlit.

You can use moonglow mists and starburst stains on Acetate if you use inkjet acetate and spray on the rough side and leave to dry. Or you can use a heat gun carefully or if you want something that looks really unusual you can heat the acetate until it warps, Keep doing it until you are happy. then flatten a bit by heating with heat gun and pressing flat with acrylic block. I also used Acrylic inks which will dry on normal acetate which you can buy HERE

and my final peice

I think this looks like rusty enamel

You should see all the other examples by my talented team mates,

plus Theme Thursday Flowers

This is a mini acrylic album I made using the 3mm Acrylic sheet from

I used fusible fibre which came from and heated it on the acrylic sheet

sprinked embossing powders over and heated it then flattened the sheet with an acrylic block

Interestingly the bind it all had no trouble punching through the 3mm acetate

So that is my final peice for Thursday hope you like it.

I also have some papers that you can download

and you can download them here FREE PAPER DOWNLOAD There are 8 matching papers available on This Thursday free paper download page

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

An award and only 1 full day to get your This Thursday entries in

I have recieved an award, and I must admit to being a bit lax when it comes to following awards through, or even posting Ive been featured, but I do promise that i will be better

Anyway I have recieved

From someone I have been lucky enough to meet blogging, The very very talented Charli whos 1st blog is
and whos second blog is
you should really take a lok at her amazing work, then check out her age and be amazed.
anyway the award comes with some rules you should nominate
1. Only 5 people allowed
2. 4 have to be dedicated followers of your blog.
3. One has to be new or recently new to your blog and live in another part of the World
4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award.

1 Heather Robinson A very friendly and creative lady
2 Rosie a great friend and brill artist
3 Susie my talented This Thursday Team mate
4Fiona my other very talented This Thursday teammate

5 Racheal