Saturday, 16 June 2007

Daring Card makers challenge

The Challenge is called You're not the (em)boss of me and can be seen at Daring Cardmakers and the instructions were Embossing.Dry embossing with a light box or with a die cutting machine.Using embossing powders or triple embossing.Using pre-embossed papers.
Embossing with found items.Just have fun playing!

Well funnily enough I had just purloined some scraps of very very nice embossed wallpaper, left overs from a friends decorating. The paper is embossed with a texture. I cut out one of the flowers and embossed some of the detail and shape of the flower, then highlighted the pattern on the petals with Sakura glaze pen . I embosed a fake stitching border round my card, freehand embossing. I then used a Magenta stamp and heat embossed that with carbon black embossing powder and highlighted flower with Sakura, Cut out then mounted on a leaf, cut from the wallpaper . Used stamps away corner stamps with encore gold ink and highlighted with Sakura Glaze pen.

Wow Loads of downloads

Saturday afternoon and I've just checked how many papers have been downloaded for my competition. I'm really pleased to see that so many of you are inspired, by the the stunning pick and mix kit Prize. I really cannot wait to see your entries . I await with baited breath knowing how talented so many of you are. Thank you for joining in this competition, I am hoping to make it a regular monthly challenge. As the prizes are coming out of my own pocket, its nice to know that so many people are taking an interest. Thank you again

Hello on this not so sunny Saturday in Crewe

Well. I'm really looking forward to seeing all your entries for my competition. I'm hoping to see loads of Scrapbooking, cardmaking and altered art projects from all the you tallented crafters out there. I suppose because I'm into altered art, scrapbooking and cardmaking, I want this blog to be for all paper crafters. I love using the techniques I learned in cardmaking, scrapbooking and altered art in projects that are diverse. I'm an easily bored person, always looking for the next thing to learn or digest (I love my food to) . I think crafting has kept me so entralled because there is always something new to learn. I love playing with paper , but I love playing with digital crafting as well.
some of my digital atcs

Some of my cards

recent peice of altered art. A £1.49 clock from tescos

One of my recent scrapbook pages.

Their are three things that I belkeive i cannot live without Love, food and crafting.

Friday, 15 June 2007

Friday a free Kit, and competition

. Despite feeling better yesterday, no improvement today. Tracey sighs, coughs and keeps coughing. Oh well on the good side its given me time to create a free paper kit for you .

All girl, all boy paper kit which is available for download HERE I hope you like it.
There were a few hiccups with the kit but they are all sorted now. So please anyone whos had a problem please try again
I.m running a competition with this kit. I will be sending Ribbon mad pick and mix ribbon kit from Ribbon mad (if you've never had one,then you don't know what your missing) to the winner. so post a link to your blog with your creation or e mail me with a photo of your entry and I will post the pictures on here . > So you can either use them for digi or print them off as large as your printer will allow . You can enter with any craft project that uses these papers. As long as any of these papers is recognisable then you can enter. I can't wait to see the entries, and send the winner one of carols stunning pick and mix kits . Closing for entries is 29th June GOOD LUCK
So plans for today. Work on getting better, consider going to the doc's. . Do some crafting of some sort. Hope to catch you later

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Is it just me

I had a lovely conversation with my 21 year old daughter until she started telling me that her Sim was feeling better too. She's broken up with her boyfriend. ! as If I care. So thinking like all good scrappers out there. I said oh I suppose you could do a scrapbook of your Sims life, and DD said "Thats just Sad" each to our own vices

Thursday afternoon.

Just completed a challenge set by Anna lovingly refered to as Skippie. One of my Rik Rak Raver Team mates on UKS . Her challenge was to use a Pencil lines sketch by Fiona Beckman . I really getting into combining Altered art and scrapbooking. Especially as there are so many really stunning vintage images on the Tuscan Rose Collage art Images CD 1. Anyway here is my lo. Which I have used some beautiful gems which I recieved due to a PiF from Maureenp also UKS. SO thanks again Maureen they really are stunning. The flowers were hand cut from Plasma plastic sheets I bought from Partners. Don't know if they are acid free

The layout was based on my feelings about how we see the elderly, we forget that they were once young , bright eyed and beautiful.

Feeling slightly better today. YIPPEE

Well woke up coughing like a good one this morning, but feel loads better than yesterday, still haven't got my tools out of the car, but thought I would have a go at preparing a mini book ready for next months demo at Alexander Paper Supplies, . I came across this blog capture the moment and saw the faux spectrum pad look that she has kindly shown how to do. Really liked the look and thought that this may be a good front for my mini book. two problems . No reverse stamp or reverse stamp image. and my fine clear embossing powder is still in the car. So this is my attempt with a normal stamp thick utee and a bit of playing about . Not completely happy with it.

Will definatly buy the reverse stamp on capture the moment blog. I think its a really nice and very adaptable stamp. The problem with doing this technique with a normal stamp is getting it to line up when you cut it. Still may have another go later today.
Anyway this months demo Sat 23rd at Alexander paper supplies is for cards using only corner and border peel offs.

Maybe I will see someone there who's read my blog if your fairly local. anyway bye till later

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Wednesday afternoon and I just had to share this site

Whilst browsing I came across this site Impressions of shydove and fell in love with her work. I could nt resist the gold overlays that she has as downloads. I have used the tree which I think is stunning in this altered art 12 by 12.

Her tutorials are good as well. Go have a look. The vintage Image and butterfly were from a CD collection by Tuscan Rose one of my favorite sites. They have so much great stuff for altered Art, cardmaking and scrapbooking including these lovely florish stamps which I will be buying as soon as my credit card ticks onto next month. 2 days to wait.

Can't wait to get them they are beautiful as well as most of their other stamps

Wednesday and awake JUST!!!!!

I had plans today, hoping I'd be better. I had planed to do loads of scrapping to catch up on backlog of ideas, sketches I had wanted to do, and get some cards designed for submission. Well. its not going to happen. Feel even worse today than yesterday. The good thing is that at least bugs cannot be passed over the internet, so I can chat to you with no worries that I'll be inflicting this lovely bug on anyone.
Feeling the urge to splurge, always makes you feel better, unfortunatly splurged too much already this month. so not allowed.
Thought I would have a trawl through some of my favorite shops

Love the Creative expressions Tea time Floral Gold paper

and the Love struck range all of it
but picked the epoxy elements as an example

and also really like
the Fresh: Bodacious paper

all these were at Scrap Magic one of the many great sponsers of UKscrappers

I also have on my wish list
Cherry Art Kitty Loo paper

Chatterbox Ranchflower

Three bugs in a rug Otta sight

all available from Scrap revolution another UKscrappers sponser

Just looking at my selections and I sort of understand why I find it difficult to develop a style. Everything excites me!!!!!! I suppose its a bit like my tastes in Music everything from Vivaldi to Green Day . I love clean lines but also love grungy , I think scrapping for me changes daily. Somedays I'm all into simple and stylish other days its all layers .
May get back to post later depends on this lovely bug

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Tuesday evening and inspired again

Visited Plezier met papier. Who has a challenge running till Sunday with a small prize. You have to create a project with a lovely photo of a bear that she has. I really loved the photo . So was inspired to create this digi lo.

Teddies are a bit like batteries for Love., they store all the love and hugs they are given , to return when we are running low

Tuesdays Crafting in Crewe

Well as I'm stuck in the house, with no one willing to visit (in case they catch this horrible fluey chest infection) I've had loads of time to look at other blogs. There are so many great ones out there. I was going to do one of pencil lines sketches, but realised that all my favorite tools including my cutter were locked in the boot of the car after my last scrapbooking class , and about 1 mile away. So I thought i'd look to see what Daring Cardmakers challenge was today. Their challenge today was to use
Something Old
Something New
Something Borrowed
and Something Blue
so this is my attempt. Flued up coughing and using none of my favorite tools. In fact even my favorite doodle stamps are 1 mile away as well .

Somethinbg old . Had these butterflies for about 2 years. I bought a couple of packs used a few like you do. Then they just got buried in my stash
Something New. I just bought a Gemagic. so I attached my gemagic gems with that
Something borrowed. I used a watchglass to make a glittershaker over the central gem in the bloom. I sort of borrowed (or was given after hints) 100's of watchmakers watchglasses from a friend (who deals in antiques)
Something Blue The bloom . Which was from the local £1 shop. Or the glitter in the shaker which dosn't show up in the photo unfortunatly.

But really enjoyed the challenge and will definatly be going back to daring cardmakers for some more

Morning all

Well just about. I've managed to drag myself out of my pit of suffering to say Hi, and hopefully do some crafting or digi scrapping. The crafting sort of depends on wether I get back the ribbons I took to my sisters to show her, as she says she's holding them to ransom, for me to return the DVD of hers I have. I really think she just likes looking at them, as she is stuck in bed as well at present, although for more serious reasons.

Had a very nice Rak from someone who wants to remain nameless, so thank you very much you wonderful lady. You know who you are!!!!!. Despite your protestations. I will find a way of returning the favour, that you will accept.

So its a bit cooler today. Thankfully. As feeling so sticky all the time is not pleasant. My office is now a more bareable temprature, so I can stop saving for the bikini.

Today i thought I would give you some freebees hope you like them .




Monday, 11 June 2007

update on the granny situation or should I say down date

My darling daughter went for her 1st scan today, it seems the doctor made a basic error. he estimated the pregnancy from my daughters last period. Despite the fact that she has poly cystic ovaries and only has them once every 3 or 4 months. She's only 4 to 6 weeks pregnant. So I'll now be a granny in approximatly 8 months. At least all is well, and DD is still over the moon, and granny will just have to be patient for a bit longer. Why do I keep calling myself Granny. I'm definatly not going to be granny . I'm definatly nanny.

Are you aware

Its carers week in the Uk . I do have quite strong views on many things but one of the things that is really close to my heart is young carers. Having been in a situation where my daughter of 6 had to fend for herself due to me being very ill. I have every admiration for those children out there who not only look after severly disabled or mentally ill parents but also run the house and look after their brothers and sisters. I recently saw a program, about a 16 year old who looks after her mum who has severe arthritis, and her younger sister who is autistic.
I feel that we severly let down these amazingly brave and in many cases overlooked children.

for more info
or to help

I also hope this inspires you to do layouts based on what you believe in. What you feel strongly about, We may not change the world, but we can show that we care. If you feel inspired to create a lo about something you feel stronly about e mail it to me at and I will post the 4 that I consider to be the most inspiring or effective

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Sunday night and all is sweltering

Well today I spent most of the day doing very little which I must say makes a bit of a change. I did consider scrapping, but decided that coughing all over my work was not a good idea. My office has nt cooled down , but you'll be pleased to hear that I am still fully clothed, and not parading around in a very unfetching bikini. (not that I own one.) The only thing that I have that ripples is my celulite Lol

I have been considering doing a joke scrapbook with imaginary relatives, Starting with Granny Leggit who is ninety two and one for the boys. She has been arrested twice for accosting young men in military uniform, and has a restraining order preventing her from approaching within half a mile of any military barraks, As nanny says There is only one thing better than a man in uniform, A man who has just been in uniform. Not that they have to be in uniform, just trousers will do. I just have to work out how I get some relevant photo's. So I am hoping at some point to get my 1st imaginary relly on paper. As soon as she is I will post her on here.

So its a Sunny Sunday in Crewe and I have the flu

Just worked out that I must do something about my office. Which is south facing and just under my victorian tiled roof. Its 10.21 and its already like an oven . I'll be typing an a bikin at this rate . Fortunatly all, I have no intention of inflicting any pictures of this on any potential readers of my blog.

Plans for today. Get better.

Possibly do some scrapping , most probably digi as I'm not up to digging out the numerous bits that as always will be in the bottom of my stash. Although I do have the urge to handle paper .

Thought I may show you one of my favorite things. Patterned paper medallions. I sometimes cut them into four and use them as page corners which can be very effective,or just as embellishments for my pages For examples though I have two cards and instructions

Patterned paper medallions. This is a great technique to use up your scraps of patterned paper. I used DCWV papers that co-ordinated but you can experiment with any patterned papers

Patterned paper Medallion pop-out card.

A5 Pale blue cardstock
Pocket full of posies papers DCWV
Dancing on air medallion stamp
Black glitter embossing powder
Black or versamark embossing pad
Orange and green starburst Sakura Pens
Dark Blue Marvy le plume pen
Word stamps of your choice
Topscore multiboard
5-mm double sided tape
Hi tack glue
Foam tape, foam pads or silicon glue

1. With your Multiword score an A5 gatefold card.
2. Turn card over and now score on the tri-fold A4 line, Rotate card and score on A4 tri-fold again.
3. Take the white fronds paper from the Pocket full of posies pack, Measure the inside and outside flaps should be approx. 2 inches. If using 12 by 12 paper cut 2 strips approx. 2 inches (your measurement) wide > If you are using the 8 by 8 papers cut 4 strips approx. 2 inches (your measurement) wide.
4. Adhere card to flaps with double sided tape
5. Measure the central spine. Should measure just over 1 cm. Cut strip 1 cm wide of the white fronds paper and using hi tack glue adhere to central spine. Stamp your words in Blue Marvy le plume pen
6. Take the small chalk style flower paper, and ink up whole of medallion stamp. Stamp once and emboss with black sparkle.
7. Ink up the 3rd section from the middle just going over the edge and stamp once onto chalk style paper and emboss with black sparkle
8. Ink up centre flower and emboss with black sparkle.
9. Take the bright flowers on green paper. Select a colourful section of the paper. Ink up the pointy petal section of the stamp and stamp onto colourful section.
10. Ink up the small round flower section of the stamp and stamp onto colourful piece of the paper and emboss with black sparkle.
11. Cut out all stamped medallions.
12. Using orange Sakura starburst pen colour centre of small flower
13. Colour the Petal shaped sections of rosette shape. Colour the flower heads on the pointed petal section and the ducktail sections on the full medallion
14. With the green Sakura pen colour the border of the four frond decorated sections on the full medallion and the leaves of the flowers on the pointed petal section
15. Layer the medallion as normal
16. Take 5 mm double sided tape across the back of the medallion from one of the four decorated points to the opposite decorated point
17. Place medallion on the spine of the card in line with the double-sided tape. So tape runs up the spine
18. Close card. Cut a 1-cm strip of the chalked flower paper. If you are using 12 by 12 you will only need 1 strip. If using 8 by 8 you’ll need 2
19. Fold strip in half; (if using 8 by 8 papers then glue second strip with 1-cm overlap to 1st strip at one end after folding). Open and place crease over join in card front. Holding card and strip of paper at centre fold strip tightly over both edges of the card. Hold in place and turn card over using a small dab of hi tack pva glue join strip at back. Wait till it dries then cut of any excess and slide card out.
20. Ink up medallion stamp with black ink, just the floret section and stamp onto chalk flowers paper. Then ink up small round flower section and stamp onto white fronds paper. Then ink up small central flower and stamp onto chalk flowers paper.
21. Using small dabs of glue instead of foam tape layer medallion as normal
22. Attach flat medallion to 1-cm strip over joined area. Centrally on band
23. Slip back over card.

In a jiffy, patterned paper medallion card. (Suitable for the complete novice)

A4 Hammered cream cardstock
DCWV Spring paper pack
Dancing on Air medallion stamp
Grey, pink and blue starburst Sakura pens
Foam tape, pads or silicon glue
Topscore multiboard
Double sided tape
Pencil and eraser

1 With Topscore multiboard with line names near you, score your cream cardstock once on the tri-fold A 4 line. Close and crease with bone folder. Trim of excess card

2 Take the Pink s shaped lines paper and cut along right edge of a dark pink line, approximately 5 cm’s from the left hand edge of paper. If its more than 5 cm’s across cut down line then measure 5 cms from right hand edge of paper back to left hand edge at top and trim off excess paper.

3 Adhere to left hand side of card, leaving a 5mm border, top bottom and left hand side.

4 With Grey Sakura pen place round dots along the shaped edge approximately 1 ¼ cm’s apart.

5 Take the Dances on air stamp and ink up whole stamp and stamp once onto pink s lines paper. Emboss with black sparkle embossing powder

6 Ink up the four frond decorated point’s section of the stamp, and stamp onto the polka dot paper. Emboss with back sparkle

7 Ink up Rosette section, stamp on s lines paper and emboss with black sparkle

8 Ink up small round flower section and stamp on polka dot paper and emboss with black sparkle

9 Ink up small central flower and stamp onto s lines paper. Emboss with black sparkle

10 Glue a piece of cardstock onto the back of the large medallion shape this needs to be totally adhered to the medallion stamped paper. Leave to dry Then Cut out all sections

11 Place small Grey dot of Sakura in the centre of the small flower. Take the blue Sakura and colour any two opposite long sections of the rosette. Then to make a cross colour the other two sections Grey

12 Using the pink Sakura pen colour the borders of the flower decorated areas.

13 Colour the inside section of the duck tails on the full medallion grey

14. Place your medallion on the s shaped edge with a ducktail on the top and bottom. Put a small pencil dot at each side where the medallion overlaps the edge of the card. Place a piece of double sided tape along edge of card just inside pencil dots. Erase pencil

15 Attach medallion to card with double-sided tape. With duck tails lined up with the s line. Keeping tape away from the overhanging edge. Now with foam pads, tape or silicon glue place the next biggest layer on top of the previous layer lining up the pattern. Continue until you run out of layers.

So that is my post for this morning.