Monday, 26 November 2007

Tuesday 27th November

And the winner is *sorry this is a day late

Angel Wilde who has a blog

All you have to do is decide wether you want clear polymer stamps or the rubber sheet stamps. Leave a comment on my blog with your e mail then I will e mail you for your address and your choice of stamp sheets and I will get them ordered and sent asap.
There will be a giveaway again this month so please keep commenting in my blog

For those of you who would like to buy the stamps go to Tanda Stamps Online Shop where you will find many many more wonderful stamp sheets as well

Although I have been very unwell I have managed one free paper this week Hope you like it.

If you do you can download it here Free paper download
If you can print it off > i bet it would look great with glitter on some of the stars or Sakura pen

Anyway hope to be able to post sometime later this week. If I feel up to it

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

I think the government should go

Hello all and i know i am supposed to be taking it easy but I just had to come and post about this
After seeing newsnight tonight I was horrified to realise that not only has the government lost two data discs with 25 million peoples national insurance numbers, names addresses, child benifit numbers, but they have also lost 15 million childrens names addresses and ages.
If those discs fall into the hands of a peodophile ring all those children are put at risk.
This government should go

If you want to use this as a poster feel free to download it Download Here and display in your house and car windows. I am also hoping to put this on a t shirt at cafe press Direct link to items
Time and time again this goverment has shown that its inept, dishonest and useless. They have expected us to siut and twiddle out thumbs while the UK burns. Now its time we showed them how we feel

Monday, 19 November 2007

Tuesday 19th Nov

Not good at this sitting and lying around doing nothing. So have designed a couple of papers which I will post over the next couple of days. Posts will be short and too the point.
So here is todays free paper

If you like it you can download it free. Free Paper Download
Don't forget to comment to get more chances of winning the wonderful tanda stamp sets

PS I am featured as a New Designer in this months (issue 39) Simply Cards and Papercrafts

Sunday, 18 November 2007

urm You know I said I hadn't been well

Well all. I spent all of Saturday in Leighton Hospital and half of today with a bp of 220 over 100 and something which I have been informed is very high. It is now 142 over 92 so has come down I have been told that I need to take it easy until they can find out what is wrong with me. I have a raft of tests that they want to perform over the next couple of weeks . So I will not be posting for a few days. Please come back and make comments on my blog to be in with a chance to win the tanda stamps. Which no matter what i will draw on the 26th November. I hope to be able to be back on before then . But I will definatly be doing the draw

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Saturday 17th November

Just popped in to say that one of my projects is featured on Making Cards Website as a downloadable project. To take a look and if you want to download project go Here
Don't know how long project will be online , but thought some of you may be interested

Friday, 16 November 2007

Friday 16th Nov

Hello all.
Had a wonderful time with my Mum at Crewe Hall. Photos and scrapped page to come at later date. Think I may have overdone it a bit as am feeling run down again. At this rate I am definatly going to have to do something about this. Seems I have a day or two where I feel a bit more like my old self then start feeling shattered and under the weather again.
At this rate I am definatly going to have to have it checked out . I hate going to the doctors especially when you don't know exactly whats wrong and your best descrition is run down, tired and just feeling rough. Can't wait for the "stop doing so much" but if Im honest its not just how much work Im doing . As Im certainly not doing half as much as I was a couple of months ago. Well anyway now Ive had my moan.

Am busy all day today teaching scrapbooking in the morning, the pensioners lucheon club in the afternoon , then over to my Mums to take my stepfather to his doctors appointment as he is unwell . So probably will be shattered by tonight.

I have created a free paper , although I may do another version of this at a later date as ive had some more ideas of things I would like to do to it. However i won't be offering a free paper on Saturday or Sunday a I have promied OH that I am going to try to keep my work load down over the weekend and I still have a few projects to catch up on. I will be creating a paper for Mondays papercraft Junkies challenge.

Anyway don't forget to comment on my blog, to be in with a chance of winning the Tanda stamp sets that i have as blog candy this month.
Here is my Christmas paper it features a robin. Which I have been lucky enough to have in my garden over the last couple of days , unfortunatly where I live in the UK we rarely get snow. I would love to take some stunning snow photos unfortunatly that does require loads of white stuff falling from the sky.

If you like the paper you can download it free Free paper Download

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Thursday 15th Nov

Well did nt manage to get everything done, so will be really busy this morning trying to get everything finished before I take my Mum out for her afternoon tea.
Managed to get one example done for Mondays Papercraft junkies challenge, and smples ready for Fridays scrapbooking class and Pensiners luncheon club. Also have a circle journal entry that needs to be completed tommorow and must get some paying work done as well.

Anyway I have managed a free paper for you again. This time its a christmas paper . Again I think its a little unusual but I like it.

If you like it you can download it free. Free Paper Download

tommorow I have a christmas paper

Don't forget to comment to be in with a chance of winning the two stunning Tanda Stamp sets that I am giving away as blog candy see earlier posts for more info
Anyway will have to be going catch you all later

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Wednesday 14th Nov Its going to be a busy day

Well today is going to be a mad hectic day. have some card projects that I must do. I must create my class project for Fridays scrapbooking class and get all my stuff in order for the pensioners luncheon club Christmas card class. Plus have to work on Papercraft Junkies mondays examples. Design some more free papers . Get two birthday cards done.
As tommorow I am taking my Mum for Afternoon tea at Crewe Hall Hotel to celebrate her Birthday which was last week but she was busy so we booked it a week late. Have worked out that taking people for afternoon tea is a great birthday present as you get to have one as well Yippeee They do choux swans which are lovely I am hoping to get some photos to scrap . Im thinking of designing a swan paper to go with it.

Crewe Hall is as magnificent inside as outside. I think it is a stunning building and their afternoon teas are really special.

Anyway I may not get time tommorow to do a blog post. Hoping I can fit one in.
Anyway I have managed to create another free paper for you . Again based on violets as yesterdays again proved popular. I think this one may prove even more popular as I havn't posted it yet and its only been on the file for 3 mins and someone has already downloaded it

If you like it you can download it free. Free Paper Download

Don't forget you have until the 25th to comment on my blog to be in with a chance of winning the two stunning sets of Tanda Stamps. For all the information and how you can get even more chances of winning see previous Tanda stamps blog candy posts

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Tuesday 13th Nov

Well have had a day doing nothing. Its been great. Well almost nothing have designed another freebee paper but that all.
Have been keeping an eye on what tutorials you are interested in seeing , and I will give it another week and then do something with the most requested topic.
I hope to get some more samples done with the tanda stamps tommorow, as long as I feel a bit better than today. I am pacing myself

So anyway due to the popularity of my flower overlays I have created another for you this time based on violets

If you like it you can download it free Free Paper Download

Don't forget to comment on my blog (not on the paper download papges as they do not count) to be in with a chance of winning the amazing 2 sets of tanda stamps

Monday, 12 November 2007

Monday 12th November Papercraft Junkies Challenge

Well another Monday and another Papercraft junkies Challenge.
This weeks challenge is entitles Explosion
To see all my talented team mates examples click HERE
I have only created 2 examples this week as I am still feeling under the weather, but hope to be back up to form for next weeks challenge.

Here are my examples

I have also created a free paper based on the theme of the challenge. Hope you like it

If you do you can download it free. Free Paper Download

Don't forget to comment on my blog for a chance to win the two sets of Tanda Stamps Retro Men set 1 and Retro women set 3. For more information on how you can get extra chances to win go to Blog candy post

Must admit now have my eye on retro women 4 set as well yet another stunning set

Friday, 9 November 2007

Saturday 10th November

Hello all I am demonstrating again at Alexander paper Supplies at Dagfields near Bridgemere today. I am demonstrating their new Lustre card selection I must admit its really nice has a sparkle to it. Love the colours too.

Here are some pics of my samples mostly Christmas but will be doing other non Christmas as well

I will be demonstrating embossing techniques and how to do your own paper peicings and decoupage from favorite images

Anyway I have 1 example for you using The tanda stamps retro men and women sets that I am giving away on my blog for details see Blog candy post HERE.

I stamped the male image with brown ink the female I inked the stamp with brown removed the ink from the lips with a cotton bud. Then used a red whispers marker to colour the lips. Stamped the images onto K & co striped paper as shown. In microsoft word i created a text box the same size as my panel , positioned text boxes where the spaces on my panel were. typed in my text. Made the small text box lines clear
printed it onto printer paper. Then taped with doublesided tape my panel exactly over the printed text box > Then printed the text again. Trimed the excess copy paper of and adhered it to the front of my card. Which also uses Alexander paper Supplies Lustre card

I have managed to create another paper based on a previous one for you to download today

If you like it you can download it free. Free Paper Download

Friday 9th November

Hi well now the blog candy has been announced, all you have to do is keep coming back and posting your comments for a chance to win the Retro Men and Retro Women 3 Stamp sets made by Tanda Stamps.

If you haven't seen Tanda Stamps huge range of unmounted stamps then you are really missing out. You can see and buy then Here

I have been working on some projects, some of which I will post on my blog tommorow.

In the meantime

This card was made using a glass painting peel off. Marvy le plume pens and the watercolour technique. The believe stamp was stamped using the thumping technque this is where you tap the side of your pens in random places on the stamp until it is covered

This is a brag bag I bought from ebay for $8.00 with postage it cost me about £7.00
I made panels for each pocket. You can make panels to go with all your jackets and coats and just change the panels or you can do panels for every season.

Anyway I have designed another freebee paper for you based on art nouveau with a japanese feel

You can download it free. Free Paper Download

Anyway I am off for now I look forward to reading your comments, I have been considering doing tutorials but only 5 people seem to be interested if you are interested to see tutorials on my blog then please vote.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Thursday 8th Nov Blog Candy Giveaway Announcement

Hi all

Well I promised you a great blog candy giveaway this month. I haven't felt well enough to do the samples yet but here is what I am giving away this month.
Tanda Stamps Retro Men set 1 and Retro women Set 2

This is a picture of my sets but you will recieve 2 completely new sets. Which you can have in clear or rubber (Tanda stamps offers their stamps in both clear and rubber) depending on what the winner wants. Please be aware they will be ordered as soon as the winner decides which type of rubber stamps they want.
Now I was going to give away 1 set of Tanda Stamps, but Tanda Stamps have kindly said that they will give me the other set to add to the Blog candy giveaway. So thank you very much Tanda Stamps
I am hoping to get the samples done as soon as I am feeling a bit better. I have already used the stamps for a magazine project and I love them . Can't wait to show you some samples. Draw will take place on the 25th Nov
If you want to see more of the huge range of Tanda Stamps you can see and buy them all HERE
Don't forget comment on my blog and each comment earns you one ticket in the blog candy draw. Spread the news of my blog candy on your blog (leave me a comment saying you have) and you get 2 bonus tickets in the draw.

So anyway I have managed to create another free paper download for you its an overlay I made by playing around with one of the previous freebee papers.

If you like it you can download it free Free Paper Download

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Wednesday 7th Nov

Again just popped in to leave you a freebee paper download

free to download Free Paper Download

Tommorow i will be announcing the blog candy giveaway so make sure you come back and make sure you comment to be in with a chance to win

Monday, 5 November 2007

Tuesday 5th November

Have nipped on to leave you a free paper download. Possibly won't be posting much this week but hope to pop on a couple more times to leave you a free paper . Anyway with christmas in mind . Hope you like this pastel Christmas paper

You can download it free here Free Paper Download

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Papercraft Junkies Challenge

Well all am still not well, am going to try to do a couple of posts this week so i shall see how we go

This weeks Papercraft Junkies challenge is
3 circles 2 squares and 1 rectangle

Here are my two examples

Dont forget to go to Papercraft junkies to see all my talnted tem mates examples.

The free paper today is not related to the challenge as I haven't been well enough to work on a challenge related paper. hope you like this one anyway

available to download Free Paper Download

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Papercraft junkies Challenge

Hello all dont forget its Papercraft Junkies Challenge day today.
Having been under the weather for a couple of weeks now, my partner has insisted that I have a couple of days off. So I have no examples, but go along to Papercraft Junkies to see all the wonderful examples by my teamies
Free paper is an Overlay

available to download here Free Paper Download

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Saturday AM demoing all day

Hello all
I am demoing all day at Alexander paper supplies, at Dagfeilds Craft Centre near Nantwich. I will be demoing canvases and painted backgrounds . So if you are near enough drop in its from 11 till 4 although I usually start a bit early and usually finish late LOL

Anyway knowing how expensive crafting is I have a tip for you and some examples. Go along to your local independant decorating shop and ask if they have any old wallpaper sample books, I have been given some but have never had to pay more than £5.00 for a large one.
Inside you will find loads of brilliant patterened and textured papers for you to play with. I have used them on scrapbook layouts but be aware that most are certainly not acid free so keep them well away from any photos.
Anyway I have some cards I have made with just one set of papers from one book I still have enough of these papers to make about 20 more cards, and the rest of the book probably enough to make another hundred at least, and it was a freebee .
So here are the examples.

Anyway I have decided that as well as getting 1 entry for every comment 5 extra for spreading the news on your blog. You can gain 3 extra entries for taking part in any challenge on my blog just post a link to your example in my comments for your extra entries I will except links to forum galleries and photobucket files . I will not be setting challenges every day or even on a set day every week But I will be setting challenges through the month

So my 1st challenge is
Its not unusual HONEST

So I want to see altered items, cards, or layouts where you have used unusual items, as some form of embellishment. It could be chocolate wrappers, wallpaper, clothes lables, keyrings, earings . So start looking round your house. One of my ladies in my class cut the suede fringing off one of her cushions when we did this one week. Mind you she did the most wonderful paper peiced indian with it it was definatly worth it.

I am thinking about what to do as my 1st tutorial and thought that designing your own paper peicings may be of interest. I am adding a poll to my blog so click on the 1st tutorial you would like to see.

Anyway my freebee paper today is the final colourway of the rainbow paper.

Available to download Free Paper Download

I should also point out that I have a great overlay for you tommorow evening as my usual free paper related to the subject of the Papercraft Junkies Challenge

Friday, 26 October 2007

Friday 26th October AND THE WINNER IS

Well today is the big day have put every entry into a bowl took me absolutly ages to work out how many entries everyone had and pulled out
Here it comes
Big Drum Roll

EMMA It took me quite a while to search back through to find her comment
and she has a blog
Emma I have left a post on your blog

You will be recieving The full Christmas Collection 12 by 12 Papers from The English Paper Company

Congratulations You lucky thing !!!

If you want to purchase your own Christmas collection you can buy them on line here or here

This months Blog candy starts today so all comments on my blog will be entered into a draw for yet another great giveaway, to be announced on the 26th November. I will be working on the samples over the next few days and will announce on Tuesday exactly what you are entering for.
Trust me another great giveaway.

So here is todays free paper

if you like it you can download it free Free Paper Download

another colourway tommorow

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Thursday 25th. Still not 100 per cent

Well I will be drawing the blog candy at 8 o clock tonight you have until 7 oclock to get in your final comments.

Have tried to take it easy yesterday as I am still suffering with whatever bug that I have, Tuesday I felt a little bit better but yesterday woke up with a migraine and a still quite painful tummy. So did not do any crafting. That puts a bit of pressure on today as I have still to get stuff ready for friday and saturday and sunday.

However I have nipped on to give you another free paper, as promised based on the popular rainbow papers

So here the 1st colourway is

if you like it you can download it Free Paper Download

There are two more colourways of this paper, then I am working on some floral papers which are again quite different
So all am off to have another reasonably early night. I will nip on tommorow to post another free paper but probably won't be saying a lot LOL So nighty night from me and Good morning to you all

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Wednesday 24th October 1 day to go till blog candydraw

Well everyone only one day left to get your comments in for a chance to win a full pack of The English Paper Companys Christmas collection 12 by 12 papers. So make the most of your chances now.

I will be running another Blog candy giveaway starting on the 26th So keep commenting. You ll have to start commenting before I announce the giveaway but don't worry its definatly worth entering. I jusr want to create some samples before I announce what I will be giving away next month.

I had been thinking of packing up my blog and freebee papers due to financial and time constraints (You should see the bags under my eyes and my bank balance LOL) but really want to keep it going as it is because I know that my papers are popular. I definatly would prefer not to charge for my papers as then it becomes less of an enjoyment and more of a business.

So you may notice that I have signed up for google ads , so if you want to support my blog, please feel free to click on any adverts, it costs you nothing and you may find some great bargins and great sites you will notice that they are mostly craft related. I hope that the google ads become succesful as this will free up some more time for me to put into my blog and then I can do tutorials and more projects which I would enjoy. I might also get to bed before 2 am occasionally LOL, although probably not . I'll just end up doing more crafting and designing .

Anyway as I promised another colourway on yesterdays paper. this is for those of you who love pretty pinks and purples. Hope you like it

you can download it Free Paper Download

If you liked the rainbow papers look forward to the next few days as I have been playing around with the theme and have some more papers for you

Anyway I am uploading early as I do really really need to get to bed early tonight as my candle is meeting in the middle and as per usual I am teaching scrapbooking on Friday, have 4 projects for mags that need finishing and haven't even started my papercraft junkies examples or the samples for the next blog candy giveaway, Plus am demonstrating this weekend.
So am off to recharge my batteries after my week of feeling off and late nights.
Bye for now

Tuesday 23rd October 2 days to go

Only 2 days till I draw to find the winner of The English Paper Company Christmas collection. So get your comments in.

Have been busy crafting but all for magazine submissions so nothing to show on my blog sorry.

However due to the poularity of yesterdays paper I am again offering it in s different colourway . This one I think is probably my favorite allthough the pink and purple is nice as well . Which if todays paper is as popular I will offer the pink purple one tommorow

So here is todays

and you can download it Free Paper Download

Monday, 22 October 2007

Monday 22nd Papercraft Junkies 11 challenge

Well its Papercraft Junkies Challenge day and this week its Tracys (founder of the papercraft Junkies Forum) time to pick the theme
So as it was challenge 11 and that made her think of the eleventh hour the challenge this week it is TIME

So here are my examples the two cards can deinatly be under 11th hour as I didn't think I would get any done feeling so unwell but have managed. Thanks to computer , craft robo and Paper Threads gsd files by Diana designs(dandilion) and J. Barelle Designs (the carnations)

my other example is a lo about The Midland Model Engineer exhibition. I have used the items that i bought there on the lo. I used the thread sizer gauge to place perfect circles and on the paper and metal tag I have used the Impress punches to impress the initials MMEE for Midland etc and 2007 on the metal tag both of which can be bought from Proops see previous MMEE post

Don't forget to visit Papercraft Junkies to see all the Papercraft Junkies Design team Examples and enter the challenge yourself. You can enter atcs# altered art, cards, or scrapbook los

Don't forget the draw for this months Blog candy giveaway will be drawn on the 25th and announced on the 26th > All you have to do is comment on my posts for each comment you will recieve 1 entry in he draw. You may notice that I have removed on comments from one of my posts. This was for what I consider to be a dodgy MLM Opportunity and I will always remove any posts that are just blatent promotion of any MLM or Herbal remidies or medicines.

I have two freebees for you today

The printed panel for the Make time card

available to download Free Paper Download

and I must admit the best paper I have designed so far. In my opinion I love it

available to download Free Paper Download

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Sunday 21st Still feeling aaarghhhh

Well found out why I have been really off. the bottom has fallen out of my world, only re arranged. think I must have caught a stomach bug
Anyway I have taken the time to nip in this morning and give you a freebee
But Im afraid until I post my Papercraft Junkies Challenge post tonight Thats all Im up to. I will only be doing 1 or if I get chance 2 examples as have been unwell. I may manage a card later if I feel slightly better .

As promised yesterdays freebee in another colourway Here it is

available to download Free paper Download

and as requested today in Purple

available to download Free Paper Download

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Saturday Sunday 20th 21st Still feeling under the weather

Well all
Have felt bad all day, class went well though. We did doodling your own journalling blocks, Very quiet class, it usually is if they feel its a challenge, still had a laugh though.
Anyway have nipped on again to give another freebee download. This time a vintage paper, if its popular I will do a different colourway tommorow Hopefully

If you like it you can download it Free Paper Download

Don't forget only 5 days left to comment before I draw the winner for the English paper Company christmas collection 72 real papers for you to use for Christmas projects and cards etc.

If I don't make it on tommorow , I apologise in advance , Hope I do to do the other colourway, by the way , can't wait for you to see Mondays Challenge paper its my favorite yet

Friday, 19 October 2007

Friday 19th October Feeling a little rough

Well I had planned to do some crafting and have loads of examples for you yesterday, as well as getting my examples finised for Mondays Papercraft junkies Challenge, but felt really off all day and have neded up doing very little. Still feel off and i am teaching this morning so wish me luck.

Anyway i have managed to nip on to leave you a freebee

If its to your taste you can download it free Free Paper Download

Don't forget to comment to have a chance of winning my blog candy giveaway for more info and samples of what you can make with the English paper company christmas collection if you are the lucky winner please read Blog Candy posts.
Don t forget you can get extra tickets for a layout about yourself, or for spreading news of my giveaway on your blog.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Thursday 18th October. Chipboard frames

As part of a design pack from Papercraft Junkies I recived some chipboard elements. Now although I thought they were really nice, they are probably something I would nt have bought myself. Always up for a challenge I decided to start with tht part of my pack. I wanted to do something special with them, They are so easy t adapt and I wanted to show thatbut just wasn't happy with my very numerous ideas. However I was looking at them yesterday morning and suddenly inspiration hit.
So I set to it and before I knew it I'd created this for my sister. Its to remind her of her wedding day and about how close her family are.

I punched holes in the frames . The wires in the middle section start on one edge of the top frame get wrapped around the title and end up on the opposite edge of the bottom frame. I used a large chipboard flower and inked it with black then edged it in green marker, added the prima flower and letter brad. attached the chipboard letters . Inked the edge of the family matters chipboard and adhered that to the bottom frame . Added the paper flower, Used the Heidi Swapp paper ribbon to create a stem and to pick up on the pinks in the photo, added th paper flower and button with thread detail. Added some fibres to the bottom and a dome sticker and a pink and green paper flower to the bottom frame to pick up on the pink from the top frame.

Anyway Yvette really loves it and is hanging it in her livingroom. Im always really pleased when Yvette likes my stuff as being a crafter herself, and a good one at that, she is really honest. You know when you've spent ages on something and you think that somethings still not right, well I always take them to Yvettes abd as if she likes it, If she does then I'll tell her what I think is wrong and see if she agrees. Its really great, she has stopped me throwing some of my projects away, funnily enough when I look at them the day after, they look like different cards LOL

Anyway have a freebee for you today again a matching paper to yesterdays and the day befores freebees

If you like it you can download it Free Paper Download and a lighter version Free paper Download

Don t forget to comment for a chance to win the English Paper Company Blog Candy Giveaway (for details read blog candy posts)

ps Simply Cards and Papercrafts Magazine is out today with my Craft Robo Christmas card project

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Wednesday 17th October odd crafting bits

Thought you might like to know a bit about me, so here are a couple of los about myself

Digi Lo Things I am definatly NOT

About how my MUm myself and my daughter are very very similar another digi

Just a reminder about the era when I was born

Anyway if you haven't scrapped yourself, then what you should remember is that although we feel as if we arn't that interesting our grandchildren and great grandchildren will think we are. So lets give them something to think about, the more honest we are as scrappers the more valuable our scrapbooks will become, If we scrap both good and bad, our journey through life, it will be a useful tool for our grandchildren to see how we progressed through life, to see that we did nt always have it easy
This is a layout that is brutally honest about my strengths and weaknesses and how no matter what life has thrown at me, always manage to get up and start again. The brutally honest bit is in the mini book, my family have all read it, but its very honest. Its a digi lo and paper lo combination. I printed my digi and then scrapped it

anyway enough about me,
if you have a lo about yourself, post it on your blog and post a link here and you will get 2 bonus tickets in the English Paper Company Blog Candy Givewawy, and if you haven't scrapped yourself yet this is a good excuse to start. Any comment gets 1 ticket in the draw as per usual

Ps There will be 5 extra bonus tickets in the draw for the lo that grabs my attention and tells me something about you

Here is todays freebee paper based on yesterdays paper

If you like it you can download it free Free Paper Download

So everyone tell me about yourself in the form of a lo