Saturday, 19 April 2008

Daring cardmakers . Step outside your box Saturdays, Saturday workout entry

Hi all as time was short today,I decided to make my Shaker box challenge (2 days left to enter Details and ENTRY POST HERE) and Dovecraft Laura Ashley competiton ( Finishes 14 May Details and ENTRY POST HERE example 1 in the same , So for my challenge it is a shaker box, and for the competiton it Uses Dovecraft Laura Ashley stamps. Not content to kill two birds with one stone I looked at Daring cardmakers challenge. (Hot and Spicy) Step outside your box Saturdays (Doodling) and Saturdays workout (Distressing), so with those in mind I set out to create a Shaker box, that works as a card, with some hot and spicy colours in it, that uses Dovecraft, doodling and distressing.

So here is my peice hope you like it

I used plain white silk card. Cut to exactly the same shape as the cuttlebug embossing folder and adhered to embossing folder card . I also cut another for the back panel which I also distressed with rose madder ink. Which I kept to slide in the back when it was finished.

Then with a cosmetic sponge and a rose madder ( hot and spicy colour) ink pad , distressed the card. Then Using the same rose madder ink I stamped the Dovecraft Laura Ashley large round flower. Then using black I stamped the fluffy flower.

Hot and spicy also reminds me of India and all those wonderful fabrics they make one of my favorite has a brilliant lime green in it . I added lime green Sakura soufle pen details to both flowers. Then doodled the background with green and pink soufle pen in wide stripes . I used A DCWV Sweet sixteen sticker . Stamped make a wish in random places with black oink . Doodled a 16 on black and White Dovecraft Paper coloured sections in with pink and green souffle pens. Cut it out and adhered to the base.
Punched my holes selected suitable beads. Put the beads in the recess and carefully slid the finished panel and backing in .

Anyway I also have a free paper for you today its called Neopolitan stripe hope you like it

If you like it you can download it free here

Don#t forget you also get draw tickets from my draw prize just for commenting on my blog posts. Or spreading the news about my challenge and competiton on your blog . As well as the tickets you can get for entering the challenges and competiton.

Anyway I am having a day off tommorow . To craft for myself and finish some magazine submision work that I have to complete. So catch you monday. I will be nippng in to see the new ebtries for my challenge and for the competiton .

Byee for now

Friday, 18 April 2008

Shaker ball game Challenge example and entry for Thank god its friday Monogram Challenge

Hi all busy day today. So my post for today will be short and sweet. Quick reminder about the two wonderful Dovecraft Prize selections and your chances of winning them.

Only 2 days left to get your Shaker ball game entries in for the Challenge . CHALLENGE POST gives tips on how to make your shaker ball games and its where you can link your entries.

Don't forget my Dovecraft Laura Ashley competiton which ends on the 14th May. European entries must use at least 1 dovecraft item. other international can use either DVWV, Bind it all or Hampton Art stamps (due to unavailability of Dovecraft) If you want to buy some Dovecraft products or some Dovecraft Laura Ashley products HERE is a great shop they have very reasonable shipping charges and some of the best prices around, and also generously offered to sponsor the COMPETITION Prize. Anyway here is the COMPETITION POST place your entries here you can enter more than one item on one post as long as you mention what products you have used.

So I have a Challenge example for you . So of course its another Shaker ball game.

This is also my Thank God its Friday Monogram challenge entry . I used Dovecraft permanent markers to alter the colour of the felt monogram . The beautiful flower is a Prima Lovable (Flirt)and it really is Lovable can't wait to use all the other lovely colours I got in the pack, and also use the pack to make a shaker game as well .

These shaker games make great cards, are great on Layouts and make great gifts see CHALLENGE POST for how examples and how to tips and to enter the Shaker Ball Game challenge.

I would just like to thank everyone who is supporting my blog and finding it interesting. I am glad to announce that I am now at the point where I will be offering prizes for competitons and challenges every month. So thanks to my sponsors and thank you to my readers, and I hope we will all enjoy our journeys together.

Bye for now


Thursday, 17 April 2008

1st entries in Dovecraft Laura Ashley Competiton update. Arty Girlz and Theme Thursday challenge entries

Wow 1st entries in for the competiton and they are lovely. First we have Rosies card. Rosie has a great blog full of inspirational crafted items and altered art her work is lovely .

Laura Annette has entered 3 cards and plans to enter more . Her blog has loads of beautiful cards and she shares technique tips.

This is one of Laura annettes cards being a non European where you cannot get any Dovecraft Products she is allowed to use DCWV, Hampton Arts stamps or the Bind it all.

Debbie also known as Bubblegum has entered a couple of projects and is hoping to enter some more. However the cosmetic brush holder in the shape of a shoe, is as I am sure you will agree a beautiful and unusual entry to the competion. I am sure there will be lots more

To see Debbies craft entries , Rosies card and blog and Laura Annettes blog and other cards and keep updated on competition entries , see prizes or to submit your own work go to


don't forget we also have the Comment and Challenge Draw prize . The present challenge is the Shaker Ball game challenge to get draw tickets as well which you can keep up with at the CHALLENGE ENTRY POST and see the Comment and entry Draw Prize too. Yes two different Prizes

Wow my blog has been featured on INSPIRATIONAL a great blog where the team pick blogs and crafted items from blogs around the world that have inspired them , and I am really honoured to have been featured . If you want to see what was said you can look here

Well things are a bit rushed again this week but have managed 10 minutes to do a challenge. I chose Arty Girlz ribbon challenge. and of course to kill two birds with the proverbial one stone. I have used all Dovecraft products except for the card which is DCWV from one of their cardstock stacks which I love because they have a lovely texture and a white core anyway back to the point

Here is my Ribbon challenge card

I have managed to fit in another quick crafting session so decided to do Theme Thursdays Stripes Challenge . So here is my stripes card. I used DCWV All Dressed Up paper and chipboard , Dovecraft Charcoal prints paper I added some flowers snipped from flower ribbon and some pearl gems . I altered the glittered Glam chipboard with wiggly stripes using sharpie permanant markers .

So I also have a free paper for you and will have some matching papers over the next few days. I have been working with neopolitan colours just recently so decided to create some papers using that colour scheme.

If you like it you can download it free here FREE PAPER DOWNLOAD the next paper in the set will be neopolitan stripes

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Big Bold and full of fun Challenge post. Plus 8 by 8 challenge winning entry

Hello all and this is the Challenge post. The challenge runs from 14th April till 21st April Midnight. If you take part in the challenge you recieve 1 ticket in my draw. You can also get draw tickets for commenting on my blog, linking to my blog and mentioning challenge or the competition (see post below for competiton details), or for just entering the competiton. The draw prize is

Dovecraft Laura Ashley 6 by 6 contemporary paper pack, Contemporary wood block stamp set , dome alphabet stickers and dome embellishment stickers. Another great selection I love these stamps and have been playing with my set a lot. They are really useful images. The paper designs are fresh contemporary but would still sit well in a traditional style card.

So for the challenge. Well if you haven't already guessed my challenge for you today is to create a shaker box ball game. This challenge can be used on layouts , or as a peice of alered art or as a card. I have shown a couple of examples in previous posts, from the 1st one I ever made to the Cosmo Cricket Honey Pie one.

You can either make our own shaker box, or you can recycle blow molded plastic packaging. The Cosmo cricket Honey Pie springtime card actually uses the plastic cover from Cosmo Crickets Kate's Album packaging. The Dovecraft Laura Ashley game uses a blow molded foldable package from Cosmo Crickets ribbons this has a plastic back and front.

Unfortunatly I have not yet found a way to use the packaging that is welded shut most of the time I cannot even get them open . If anyone does know how to get them open I would like tips.Lol

An easy way to create your apperture for the 1 side blow molded package. Clear any glue and paper from the edge of the packaging, Use rubbing alcohol or at a push cheap perfume. this will clear glue without damaging the plastic. Also great for removing any label residue if labels have been on the front of the plastic.

Dab around the base of the plastic pack with a waterbased ink pad. Position on scrap card and press down well around edges. This should give you the perfect size and shape for your aperture and or inside of Frame . Cut it out and use it as a template/

If you use the pop open packging it can be a bit more hit and miss to get the perfect fit, its definatly trial and error. Also It is a good idea to rub a little hi tack glue along the outside edge of the raised lip just before closing when finished . This will then keep it closed .
To make a shaker with a peice of altered art I have this example some of you will recognise it from my Gothic Arches by the sea challenge entry.

well now its a shaker game.

For an example of a layout with a shaker game

The shaker box was made with a Basic Grey large tag as the starting point. My lo was about wether I was a positive or negative person, and the conclusion was that I was positive because if I wasn't, I d stop trying so hard. I used the shaker box to hide my journalling
Because the conclusion of my lo was that I kept trying, I titled my shaker game Try Try Try Again which suited the lo and the game.


Make sure you keep all internal decoration of the game flat and glue down well so edges do not lift. Unless you want to make a maze game with string.

Matt decorated peice onto another 2 peices of card (Do not use xyron for this. I find a good glue stick works best xyron makes your beads stick) Then punch holes where required but only punch deep enough to cut through top two layers.

If using foam tape to create shaker box. before you add acetate and frame to your box rub around the inside edges of your foam tape with a cotton bud dipped in talc or cornflour (blow off excess 1st) this stops your beads sticking. You can if you are really fussy as I have Ink the edge of your foam tape with stazon I used blue on the By the sea shaker. Whilst still on the roll and make sure you let it dry before putting shaker together.

Also make sure your beads are round and roll well, (crystals can be used if they are well shaped and roll well) and are the right size for your shaker. If your beads are big add another layer of foam tape.

anyway thats my tips

So there are my examples. I cannot wait to see what you all do with this. Rosie I especially want to see your altered art shaker box game.

Don't forget as well as the challenge where you can get draw tickets for the challenge prize there is also the Competition for the best crafted peice with one straight winner see post below. For rules and place to post Competition not challenge entries

Winner of the 8 by 8 challenge was really hard to choose I liked all the cards for different reasons but in the end I chose

By Heather. I love the colour and how effectivly she has used the space. Great card Heather and well done. 5 extra draw tickets for the Draw prize with your name on . Good luck in the draw

I did promise another free paper so here it is

Its another in the retro balls papers If you like it you can download it free here

I will only be posting a short post tommorow ladies catch you later

Monday, 14 April 2008

Dovecraft Laura Ashley COMPETITION STARTS NOW. Competiton Post

Hello all

Well this is the start of the competition and it ends on the 14th May . European entries have to contain at least one Dovecraft product , Other international entries must use either Bind it all, DCWV or Hampton Art stamps. Other than that competition is open to any crafted object .

All entries must be displayed in your gallery or blog and list the relevant product used.

So this is the Competition Prize on offer

Dovecraft Laura Ashley 12 by 12 paper pack Clear stamp set (has traditional and contemporary stamps) 1 pack ribbon stickers and one pack dome stickers. This is a lovely prize and you will enjoy using it the stamps are lovely the papers are really lush and also very versatile. The ribbon stickers look silky and are glittered as well.

I must admit to you that this week has been a bit of a rush and the time I planned for working on my examples for the competiton was eaten up. I do have one quick card as an example and another example that is also a hint for the challenge but I will be posting other examples in the next few weeks. You can see other examples in previous posts

Card using 6 by 6 Laura Ashley pappers and Dovecraft chipboard stickers, Sorry pics a bit squiffy and the lighting in my office (photography space is not right either) as well , but it will have to do till tommorow. So below is the example for using Dovecraft products and for the challenge as well ( Have you guessed what it is yet!!!! lol)

This uses the contemporary 6 by 6 pack or papers and one of the woodblock stamp set stamps. It also has a DCWV sticker for my international readers.

Well I am off till tonight when I will be finishing my Challenge post and example . Have an appointments at the Doctors and I must not be late . So TTFN will post a freebee paper tonight

PS everytime you enter a peice for the Competition you will automatically get one draw ticket for the challenge prize. Challenge post will be posted at 12 pm . So if your up come back then if not I will see you in the morning

Please post your competion entries here and your challenge entries in the challenge post


Today Competiton Start and New challenge Free paper download

Well everyone

The challenge for the 8 by 8 card you have until midnight tonight to get your entries on the 8 by 8 challenge post HERE remember you do not have to use a Dovecraft product for the challenges but if you do you get an extra draw ticket. If you don't use a Dovecraft product you still have as much chance of winning the extra 5 draw tickets as someone who does. I will be picking my favorite 8 by 8 card, no matter what products are used. At just before midnight I will be posting the second challenge details. For another example which may give you a clue to challenge. This photo was of the 1st of this type I ever made

It was two years ago and I have come on a lot since then LOL. Come back tommorow morning to find out exactly what the challenge is. Its suitable for scrappers, cardmakers and altered artists alike. On the challenge post I will be adding a photo of the complete Draw prize.

Later today I will be posting the Competition post with photo of the Competition Prize (for rules see HERE, ) as soon as it is up you can start linking your projects using at least one Dovecraft product. Please remember to mention what Dovecraft product was used in your post or gallery photo description.

For international readers of my blog Dovecraft is available in Europe if you are still having problems finding any http://www.artandcraftworld./have a hugh range and very reasonable shipping charges and are relyable with despatching goods in good time. and you have until the 14th of May to get your entries in .

For non Europeans you are allowed to use DCWV, Hampton Arts or Bind it all for the Competition unless you want to use Dovecraft products ( there are so many lovely products to choose from) in which case click on Art and Craft world link .

I have decided to give away todays paper on this post

I hope you like it, it was inspired by a pair of curtains in a shop window. If you like it you can download it free here FREE PAPER DOWNLOAD . If I am feeling generous I may give away matching papers on the Competition post and the Challenge post