Saturday, 13 October 2007

Saturday and Sunday 13th and 14th October

Well hello everyone

I am off to the model engineering exhibition today, I am of course taking my camera. Hopeing to get some brilliant pictures of minature steam engines, Old fairground organs and skeleton clocks, and of course looking for those unusual finds for my crafting So wish me luck.

I have had quite a stressful week as the local Charity that I teach scrapbooking and cardmaking for has had all funding stopped due to a change in how the local councils are organised. I used to get paid to teach but 6 months ago that funding was withdrawn and I voulunteered because the people I taught really appreciated everything they learnt and it has opened up so many areas of their lives. Anyway the funding for the materials has now been stopped, and until yesterday it looked as if that may be it.

However due to another local charity organisation saying that they could contribute some money for some extra tools and The English Paper Company and Pijpoj both offering to donate some craft materials, when I very cheekily asked if they could donate something, and a reduction in the cost of hiring the halls it now looks as if we can continue to offer craft classes to pensioners and disabled people who attend local luncheon clubs, and continue for a little longer to keep the scrapping club open. We are hoping that when the local council shuffle is finally finished that we may be able to get funding again, but if we had lost all that now, it would have been impossible to get the funding to start it again. Wishing Well has achieved so much in the 5 years it has been running, and Hilary and all her team have been running around trying to keep as many of the areas of activity going as possible. But without funding for craft materials we were truly scuppered before we started.

So I must say a Very BIG Thank you The English Paper Company and to Pijpoj too . You will probably never know just how much it means to the people who attend these groups , but I can assure you that there were very many happy people yesterday when they were informed that we have a reprieve thanks to yourselves and to the charitable organisation so thank you again . Uhm I hope they don't mind me telling everyone. Well its tough now anyway.

Anyway just to remind you all. The English paper Company Blog candy giveaway is doing really well , I havent added up all the individual comments so far but its way over 1 hundred and some of you have actually racked up 8 tickets. So keep commenting and spreading the news.

Anyway now for my freebee download. A while ago I did a landscape paper , this is another version of the same paper which I think would work very well with the other one as a double lo.

If you have a use for it you can download it Free Paper Download

So I will be off for now, I may manage to put a freebee on tommorow Sunday, Don't forget to come back and comment anyway. Don't forget Papercraft Junkies Challenge Monday

Friday, 12 October 2007

Friday 11th October 2007

Hello everyone

Well I will be teaching today, so doubt I will get any actual crafting done again. However I really enjoy teaching craft so I should have a great day. I have noted the comments regarding tutorials, I will have to see if I can find time to do 1 tutorial a month on top of everything else I do.

Anyway I have another freebee for you. This time I have been experimenting with embellishments and with christmas coming up I have had that in my mind

I have put them in a row, on a clear background so you can either put a few rows together to make a border
Like this

or you can select individual ones as individual embelishments or group then together
like this

anyway if you like them you can download them free Free Paper Download

Don#t forget to leave your comments to be in with a chance of winning the English paper company Christmas collection of 72 Christmas papers

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Thursday 11th 2007

Hello all

Spent the day with my Mum, except for my appointment at the torture chamber (thats the dentists for those lucky souls who do not recognise the description). So as I have been busy have not had any time to craft.

I have been tagged three times in 4 days. I would nt mind but its the same one I did a couple of months ago. Its the 7 wierd facts about yourself. I really am in two minds about this as last time when I tagged my 7 5 of them had all done it before. I will have to think about this as 1 its all old news and 2 maybe that tag has been going around just a bit too long now. However if you havent been tagged and would like to be just leave me a comment and if i get 7 interested souls i will dredge up 7 more mildly weird facts about me and tag all those who put themselves forward.

I have noticed that there have been requests for tutorials for some of my projects.
I have been considering putting 1 tutorial a month on and I know that its also something that the Papercraft Junkies Design team have been discussing recently and I would be interested to see just how much interest there would be for this.

So take advantage tell me what you think, and get more entries into the Blog candy draw for the English paper Company Christmas collection pack. (details Link)
If there is anything else you would like to see then I would love to hear your comments.

Anyway I have had a chance to play on the computer today and have been playing around wih Public domain images to create 12 by 12 papers anyway this is my freebee
paper download

If you like it you can download it free Free Paper Download

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Wednesday 10th October. 8.00

Uhm now ladies, I know I am getting older, Im 42, but I think possibly I am not as attractive as I used to be
I was telling my partner how I used to walk the dog at 2 in the morning when I couldn't sleep . but then said I obviously wouldn't consider doing that anymore (even if we had a dog lol)
and my partner said
"Not a good idea these days you'd get Mugged"



Wednesday 10th October

Well made my examples for next weeks Papercraft junkies Challenge, but didn't get any crafting done for my blog "Shame " I hear you cry. Well maybe not I thought that you may be interested to see a couple of Christmas present suggestions and have a couple of money saving tips.

So my 1st is altered clocks. See examples

These were both £1.49 clocks from tesco. Because they are manufactured for easy assembly, you can with a bit of care dismantle the clock fairly easily. Just remember to keep our embelishment pretty flat. otherwise cover will not go back on and hands will not revolve,

Microscope slide pendants

Now to save mony. look on ebay for Microscope slides (the medical ones). you need plain with clear edges and you can often get 50 microsope slides for less than a £5.00 Thats 25 Pendants.
Look for Venture tape instead of the memory tape. Its made for stained glass windows and is infinatly cheaper. The one you want is silvered on both sides
The bails I use are aanraku Pendant bails they have a leaf design mostly used for Dichroic glass pendants.

So those are my christmas present money saving crafting tips

Anyway there is a free paper today and here it is

available to download Free paper Download
Don#t forget leave a comment on my blog and your in with a chance to win 72 wonderful Christmas papers from the English paper company. See last weeks posts for more details

Bye for now

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Tuesday 9th October

Hello all
Just received the photos of the English Paper Company Christmas Collection pack, that you have the chance to win, by either commenting on my blog, or if you spread the news on your own blog with a link to mine you get an extra 2 tickets in the draw (don#t forget to tell me in a post though , else I won't know LOL)
So heres what you could be recieving through the post, no matter where you live, I will post to Timbuctoo if thats how you spell it and thats where you live and your name is pulled from the hat (bowl or box or whatever). LOL

All your Christmas cards, layouts and special present presentation needs in one stunning pack of papers.
So don't forget to comment. My examples can be seen in last Tuesdays posts

Anyway this weekend I have participated in the UKScrappers Birthday Cybercrop, unfortunatly I did nt have time to do all the challenges and classes but here are my efforts

This is my attempt at Christy's Layer Cake Challenge

My version of Emily's Making a point challenge

This is from Angie Woolfall's Dotty about you class

The wot no paper challenge. Id never done a cd card or layout so ha a play with that

and finally here is my take on the Wishes (ribbon) class by Sugar Almond

anyway as yesterdays paper was so popular I have decided that todays paper will be a colour variation on that. This one is slightly more edgy but I love it

and its available to download here
Anyway that's enough from me right now. Time to hear from you.
Come on comment and be in with a chance at those lovely papers. The more comments you make the more tickets you get in the draw.


Monday, 8 October 2007

Monday 8th October 9th Papercraft Junkies Challenge

Well this weeks Papercraft Junkies Challeneg, is to use flowers in your project,
To see all the great examples by the Papercraft Junkies team click HERE
So here are my examples

and the inside

A 70th birthday card for an embroiderer

unfortunbatly the writing went awry but I still quite like it
and as I promised last week I am going to do a mini book every challenge until my book set is done, can#t wait to see it all finished with a decorated box
so heres this weeks book

Enter the challenge and you could win a 15% discount at

as usual I have designed a free paper download around this weeks theme . hope that you like it

if you do you can download it Free Paper Download

Don't forget my blog candy giveaway this Month is a full pack of the English Paper company Christmas papers which can be seen here
and many of my examples can be seen in last weeks posts.
Every comment you make on my blog between posts dated 22nd Sept to 25th October will get you 1 ticket in the blog candy draw. If you spread the news on your blog and leave a comment with link yto that post you will get 2 extra tickets in the draw.
Catch you all later.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Sunday 7th October

Hello all.
Had a very busy day today. Pleased to see that while I was away loads more of you are commenting to be in with a chance of winning the stunning Christmas collection 12 by 12 pack by the English Paper Company this months blog candy giveaway. As you
can see in my previous posts, there is really every sort of Christmas paper you could desire in the pack. I have had to hide mine. To stop me playing with it as I have loads of other stuff I have to do. Talking of which don't forget Papercraft junkies challenges are now uploaded Sunday night ready for monday morning. I have seen all the entries by the design team, and as per usual they are looking great.
I have finished my bare mini book for this weeks challenge and will be uploading it on Monday so make sure that you are here.
Don't forget make a comment on my blog you get 1 ticket per comment. spread the news with a post on your blog, and mention it in your comment, I will check and then you get two extra tickets in the draw.

Anyway today I have another one of my free paper downloads
I call this retro ribbons

if you think yopu can use it you can download it for free Free Paper Download

PS a little bit of trade gossip. Look out for the new English Paper Company collection I believe it is to be released before the end of the year. From what I
have heard so far it is going to be even better than the last ones. I will keep you updated as I hear more.