Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Wednesday 10th October

Well made my examples for next weeks Papercraft junkies Challenge, but didn't get any crafting done for my blog "Shame " I hear you cry. Well maybe not I thought that you may be interested to see a couple of Christmas present suggestions and have a couple of money saving tips.

So my 1st is altered clocks. See examples

These were both £1.49 clocks from tesco. Because they are manufactured for easy assembly, you can with a bit of care dismantle the clock fairly easily. Just remember to keep our embelishment pretty flat. otherwise cover will not go back on and hands will not revolve,

Microscope slide pendants

Now to save mony. look on ebay for Microscope slides (the medical ones). you need plain with clear edges and you can often get 50 microsope slides for less than a £5.00 Thats 25 Pendants.
Look for Venture tape instead of the memory tape. Its made for stained glass windows and is infinatly cheaper. The one you want is silvered on both sides
The bails I use are aanraku Pendant bails they have a leaf design mostly used for Dichroic glass pendants.

So those are my christmas present money saving crafting tips

Anyway there is a free paper today and here it is

available to download Free paper Download
Don#t forget leave a comment on my blog and your in with a chance to win 72 wonderful Christmas papers from the English paper company. See last weeks posts for more details

Bye for now


Maria said...

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Myra said...

Great idea on the microscope slide pendant! Thanks for sharing such fun things.

Linda SS said...

I love your microscope slide idea. You are soooooo creative!

Ijsbeer said...

I really like these clocks. Very nice:) In particular the butterfly one:)

jay670120 said...

youve been tagged please go to my blog for rules , totally understand if you dont want to join in. x

Rosie said...

I love money-saving tips and I think the clocks are fab... tried one earlier this year, but it didn't want to come apart!! I do much the same with photo frames...

stamp and scrape said...

This blog is so full of tips - thanks for sharing your discoveries with us.

Shh-Shh said...

I love the clocks hun... I think the pendant idea is fab, youre soooo clever!

Patty said...

Just wanted to let you know that I posted a paragraph on my blog about the English paper Company Christmas collection package.

Thanks for doing this.
momma 411
paper piecing patty

Maria said...

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Angel Wilde said...

WOW... I love those clocks!