Monday, 28 July 2008

Mojo gone Monday

Well it had to happen sooner or later, got up with a raging headache and (no I didn't have a drink last night) sat down with the beautiful stamps for this weeks challenge, and everything I attemped just seemed to go pear shaped, Colours ran when I didnt want them to, then didnt when i did, ,
Just couldn't get my head working right, all day everything I touched just went completely wrong , and to finish off I tipped a bowl of steaming soup over my hand .

Its never really happened to me before so I feel a bit lost without my mojo, I am busy all day tommorow, so maybe the break from crafting will do the job, I hope so as the examples have to be ready by Wednesday night at the very latest.

So I don't know what my examples for this weeks challenge will be but I do know that the other examples are brilliant. I just hope mine are good enough when I finish them.


Liz, said...

Oh dear, that sounds like a bad day if ever there was one. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. Your artwork is fab. Hope your hand isn't too sore and your mojo comes back soon. You take care tomorrow!

Cazzy said...

I hope you are better now, I have had a lot of headaches recently and felt awful for days!

Cazzy said...

Thanks for considering my bag Tracey, you are a hunny!

I will try my best to get the next one in on time, just catching up since being ill, and I seem to be all out of kilter on deadlines. Suddenly realised it was Wednesday today!

香魚烘蛋Tata said...