Thursday, 25 September 2008

This Thursday challenge 15

This thursdays challenge this wek is called Get a round tuit. So we were expected to get around to craft projects that we have put off.

Our sponsor The Craft Emporium sent us a lovely selection of 7 gypsies papers embellishments ribbon etc. I love 7 gypsies and was astounded to see how many 7 gypsies products our sponsor stocks. If you love 7 gypsies you really should take a look

Anyway my examples this week

Well this is a journal that some friends and myself are passing around. The theme was butterflies and I had the photos but no ispiration for weeks. When the 7 gypsies papers arrived I knew that the challenge get around to it and the papers would work really well with the photos . The evidence ribbon also worked so well as did the eriouslt rub on. all I added was the perfect stamp which stamped imperfectly just because it could. Well that and the fact that it was on uneven seurface . I cut strips of the three papers I think they go so well with the photo/

I have been meaning to do something with half flowers punched out around the edge I like the effect of the randomly punched edge but will be trying it on a stamped image , which i think will be really effective. The Tres chic is a rub on, on a 7 gypsies sticky lable from a small book of lables and the paper with the flowers stmped out of the edge is 7 gypsies also.

This was a small NSPCC charity tin I bought a few as I thought they would look good altered, I can't even remember how long ago that was. Quite a while anyway.
All the papers are 7 gypsies as is the heart which was punched out of a peice of black and transparent acetate. it looked like a small file page in acetate The handle and keys are also 7 gypsies as is the through thicjk and thin rub on. I must admit I loved every single thing in the design pack, although I havn't had chance to use them all . all the papers were fab as was the buckle and the clear buttons. All the 7 gypsies is available from our sponsor

Anyway here is a before and after pic of the tin

So thats it for me for this week. Catch you all later