Thursday, 11 April 2013

Why I love words, another layout and

Well I have been inspired this week to do a layout about why I love words. I write the odd poem and read loads and loads. I am dyslexic and was unfortunate to change areas at a key stage in a childs reading ability. I could read fairly well early, however I went from one area to another and they used phonics and made me start again. I didn;t really manage to read fluently again till I was 11 . I went to secondry school and we did the 1st world war in history and I read some of the war poets poems and that was it . I was moved and inspired by the sheer depth of feeling they could inspire with so few words. If you haven't come across their poetry you should take a look. Rupert Brooke and Wilfred Owen both died in the war and I have represented this by changing the center of their poppys to the watch face to represent their running out of time.

So here is my layout

I also fell in love with Vanessa Fentons Two new kits Moody Blues stunning arty papers Ill be using all of them they are moody and magnificent  and Haven a fantastic gothic alpha. They are so up my street. So here is my layout featuring them. It also feature one of Vanessa;s fantastic floral brushes.

Anyway I have also been doing a little designing and put together the two papers below

If you like them you can download my freebee papers here

Well thats it for me today. Have a great day!

TTFN Rattytatty


Fit Kitty said...

thank you - I just downloaded the map - looks like something I might use. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

thank you very useful

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing!

Charlene Mitchell said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing

JennyH said...

Thank you for the map papers, they are great : )

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the digital map paper. First time I've visited your blog; won't be the last.
Have a great weekend!!!
Kind regards, Enjay

Rajib Hossain said...

Love the site! In the picture section, who is the girl in the 7th one? Isn't she a Versace? I can't remember her name but I know she had an eating disorder. I'd love to look up more pics for her. Thanks!
Split face Tile