Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Big Bold and full of fun Challenge post. Plus 8 by 8 challenge winning entry

Hello all and this is the Challenge post. The challenge runs from 14th April till 21st April Midnight. If you take part in the challenge you recieve 1 ticket in my draw. You can also get draw tickets for commenting on my blog, linking to my blog and mentioning challenge or the competition (see post below for competiton details), or for just entering the competiton. The draw prize is

Dovecraft Laura Ashley 6 by 6 contemporary paper pack, Contemporary wood block stamp set , dome alphabet stickers and dome embellishment stickers. Another great selection I love these stamps and have been playing with my set a lot. They are really useful images. The paper designs are fresh contemporary but would still sit well in a traditional style card.

So for the challenge. Well if you haven't already guessed my challenge for you today is to create a shaker box ball game. This challenge can be used on layouts , or as a peice of alered art or as a card. I have shown a couple of examples in previous posts, from the 1st one I ever made to the Cosmo Cricket Honey Pie one.

You can either make our own shaker box, or you can recycle blow molded plastic packaging. The Cosmo cricket Honey Pie springtime card actually uses the plastic cover from Cosmo Crickets Kate's Album packaging. The Dovecraft Laura Ashley game uses a blow molded foldable package from Cosmo Crickets ribbons this has a plastic back and front.

Unfortunatly I have not yet found a way to use the packaging that is welded shut most of the time I cannot even get them open . If anyone does know how to get them open I would like tips.Lol

An easy way to create your apperture for the 1 side blow molded package. Clear any glue and paper from the edge of the packaging, Use rubbing alcohol or at a push cheap perfume. this will clear glue without damaging the plastic. Also great for removing any label residue if labels have been on the front of the plastic.

Dab around the base of the plastic pack with a waterbased ink pad. Position on scrap card and press down well around edges. This should give you the perfect size and shape for your aperture and or inside of Frame . Cut it out and use it as a template/

If you use the pop open packging it can be a bit more hit and miss to get the perfect fit, its definatly trial and error. Also It is a good idea to rub a little hi tack glue along the outside edge of the raised lip just before closing when finished . This will then keep it closed .
To make a shaker with a peice of altered art I have this example some of you will recognise it from my Gothic Arches by the sea challenge entry.

well now its a shaker game.

For an example of a layout with a shaker game

The shaker box was made with a Basic Grey large tag as the starting point. My lo was about wether I was a positive or negative person, and the conclusion was that I was positive because if I wasn't, I d stop trying so hard. I used the shaker box to hide my journalling
Because the conclusion of my lo was that I kept trying, I titled my shaker game Try Try Try Again which suited the lo and the game.


Make sure you keep all internal decoration of the game flat and glue down well so edges do not lift. Unless you want to make a maze game with string.

Matt decorated peice onto another 2 peices of card (Do not use xyron for this. I find a good glue stick works best xyron makes your beads stick) Then punch holes where required but only punch deep enough to cut through top two layers.

If using foam tape to create shaker box. before you add acetate and frame to your box rub around the inside edges of your foam tape with a cotton bud dipped in talc or cornflour (blow off excess 1st) this stops your beads sticking. You can if you are really fussy as I have Ink the edge of your foam tape with stazon I used blue on the By the sea shaker. Whilst still on the roll and make sure you let it dry before putting shaker together.

Also make sure your beads are round and roll well, (crystals can be used if they are well shaped and roll well) and are the right size for your shaker. If your beads are big add another layer of foam tape.

anyway thats my tips

So there are my examples. I cannot wait to see what you all do with this. Rosie I especially want to see your altered art shaker box game.

Don't forget as well as the challenge where you can get draw tickets for the challenge prize there is also the Competition for the best crafted peice with one straight winner see post below. For rules and place to post Competition not challenge entries

Winner of the 8 by 8 challenge was really hard to choose I liked all the cards for different reasons but in the end I chose

By Heather. I love the colour and how effectivly she has used the space. Great card Heather and well done. 5 extra draw tickets for the Draw prize with your name on . Good luck in the draw

I did promise another free paper so here it is

Its another in the retro balls papers If you like it you can download it free here

I will only be posting a short post tommorow ladies catch you later


Annapurna said...

This seems like a fun challenge not just to win the candy, but also be able to make something that will be in the recipients hand for more than a minute.

Susie Blackwell said...

Oh what a fab competition,I'm definately up for this one, back soon!!!!!

Rosie said...

Tracey - you've been featured at Inspirational...


Great challenge!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Rosie said...

No pressure then, mate!! Pmsl.... here's a straightforward card for your competition, anyway!!


Andrea said...

What a great idea. Ive not seen this before ,my son loves these little games, brilliant!

rattytatty@fsmail.net said...

Posted on the wrong post
Rosie said...
Woohoo - I did it - go see!! Quick... just kidding - I have made a game (and it works!!) (((hugs))) Rosie

18 April 2008 18:35