Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Design House Digital Inspiration Blog hop and May House party

Hello to all visiting my blog.

If you have found your way here whilst on the Design House Digital Inspiration blog hop. I'm the last blog on the hop and you will find the Inspiration post  below. Also you will find a FREE March House Party themed Word art kit designed by myself .

To all of you who have found your way here from elsewhere. I.m sure that you will find my inspiration post and freebee just as interesting and I know that you too will enjoy our hop .

This month, our House Party at Design House Digital is being extended to a blog hop! Some of the Design House Decorators have prepared great  inspirational blog posts for you, full of layouts and ideas.  Our theme is “Romantic,” and the color scheme is gorgeous.  We’re sure you love the kits, ideas, and blog posts as much as we do.  
The House Party kits are on sale, 30% off, through May 5.  As it happens, the rest of the store is on sale this week as well, for iNSD.
We want to see the pages and cards you make using House Party kits! Post them in our Color Swatch Challenge, to share them with us!
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May House Party Layouts

Official House party layout  The happiest day of my life

I love you and all your faces

This is an amazing and stunning set of kits so many wonderful papers and embellishments . I have been a bit carried away with playing with these kits. I am doing a hybrid project on the Design House Digital Blog on the 7th also using these amazing kits. I'll be making a Jasmine bag Like a lavender bag only with Jasmine.

Anyway those were my May House Party Layouts

So to my INSPIRATION POST (which is quite long but I hope you will bear with me)


We all fall into a rut now and again , and don't break out of the box of what is normal or expected.   Photos are the usual basic starting point for a layout, or sometimes we will take photos to match a specific paper (who isn't guilty of that). But how often do we actually make layouts with no traditional photos.

Either having absolutely no photos or  using your photos in a completely different way.

My 1st 2 examples are paper layouts , they were made to explain complicated feelings or stories. The 1st is a layout about My daughters and my story, its a complicated story and a story that was and is a huge part of our lives. There are bits that are really sad, and you could say horrific, how could I do scrapbooks of our lives and not tell the story.

How do I tell the story without it being graphic and upsetting.

Here is my solution,

 photo frontpage.jpg

 photo Page12.jpg

 photo page34.jpg

 photo page56.jpg

 photo Page78.jpg

 photo Theend.jpg

So that was my 1st photo less layout and it made me realise that Scrapbooking should not just be about the fantastic things in our lives, its about our lives.

My second example of a photoless layout again was to record something complicated. At the time the man my daughter was with the very very wrong for her, he had caused trouble between us. I found out she was going to marry him in the August and I wasn't to be invited because he didn't want me there. This layout was about my feelings about all of that

The gold panels are metal that I have embossed in the same way that I did in my last Hybrid tutorial on Design House Digital 

Fortunately the wedding did not go ahead, the man is no longer in my daughters life and our relationship is now amazingly strong. My daughter has seen and read this layout and it made it so easy for me to explain how I felt at the time.

My next layout has no traditional photo. I did use a photo to create a digital stencil or mask, and this time its a happy happy layout

Goodnight Beautiful

So this is my Knight in shining armour, and he truly truly is. The "I'll love you" quote and all the papers used are from the May house party kits , the layout also features one of my pieces of wordart from my freebee word art kit

So this is my freebee kit . I hope you like it and will find it useful . If you would like it you can download each piece seperatly FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Want this post as a PDF CLICK HERE

So that's it for me today.

However I will be posting a couple of posts over the next few days so pop back. You never know what you might find.


Anonymous said...

Wow Tracey - i enjoyed your blog! You're like me - a talker :)

I agree scrapbooking should be about our lives - as you said sometime it can be very tricky to get that into layouts - so the storybook is a inspired idea to tackles some real tough and very sad topics for your family.

Love the wordart freebie! Thank you!

mmarti said...

What a wonderful idea to turn your tough story into a fairytale storybook! You are right - that is a great way to still tell your story but make it something inspiring, not something sad. Love it!

Janet said...

Awesome post Thanks for sharing your pages. That is such an interesting thought I need to think about doing that! I love your kit it is beautiful.

Krystal said...

Love the word art and all your layouts! And the storybook is really a neat way to tell a story. I love that the book is still attached to a scrapbook page. Makes the page interactive!

susibee said...

Gosh you have been busy - such and interesting post, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...