Thursday, 26 July 2007

Thursday 26th July

Well yesterday My sister, her friend Ann and myself went shopping for items for a £5.00 layout challenge. Which we will be doing tommorow. I managed to buy 4 double sided cardstock pages that the shop was selling off from a partially used K and Co scrap pad . A set of Anitas peel offs 3 sheets of flower peel offs in 3 colours. 2 A4 peices of coloured acid free cardstock and 5 quarter meters of organza ribbon. I think thats it. All the purchases have been swopped till tommorow so no one can pre prepare any items. You are only allowed to use a straight cutter, scissors,hole punch, craft knife and one journalling pen. No clever bits and peices, no templates. You can print of 1 title to handcut but thats it. No die cutters. No items to be used that were not purchased yesterday.
I really love all my purchases and can#t wait to see what I can create tommorow. As soon as i have finished my lo I will upload it to my blog for you all to see.
Wish me luck

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