Thursday, 5 July 2007

Thursday 6th July

Really missing my old computer, and paint shop pro, and a printer. Its amazing how much I rely on the above. I cant wait to get this thing working properly. Today I should be tidying my craft room, but Im being irrisponsible and am spending the day with a friend instead. Sometimes its really great just to not do what you should be doing.
My friend has not been crafting for very long, so I go there and teach her a couple of new techniques for her to play with. We have a chat and a laugh , as you do. Sometimes its the simple pleasures that are most rewarding.

So if your looking for something to do today, teach yourself a new technque. If you are looking for a new technique to learn then here is a great site and list of tutorials and examples of techniques Split Coast Stampers Try a New technique list
Ive learned so many great techniques from this site.
Have a great day everyone


Anonymous said...

I feel you on the new computer thing. When I got my new laptop it took me about 2 days to transfer all my music, files, and programs.

Probably because I was too cheap to have a service do it for me.

Eeffie said...

Thank you so much for sharing! This technique's site is just what I was looking for! Great blog by the way! :)