Wednesday, 4 July 2007

UHm Ive been tagged

Leigh very kindly tagged me. Well here it is

1 When I grew up I wanted to be excentric
2 I was bullied at school possibly because I was already excentric LOL
3 I dream of being able to sing, but cant hold a tune in a bucket
4 I cry terribly at sad films
5 My sister owns a picture of me with builders bum which she threatens to scrapbook
6 I keep saying that I will do a bungi jump when Im 90 as I probably wont mind losing my retinas then.
7 Im incredibly untidy

I tag Di or Rainowgirl
Ann Clemmons
Jules or Swirly Girly
Sarah, She scraps
Anna Or Skippie as she is lovingly known on UKSCRAPPERS


Rainowgirl said...

Oh no, not tagged again - I thought everyone and his dog had been tagged by now. Not sure I dare ask anybody else, but I'll have a go.


Melissa said...

thanks for the tag!

been and done mine x