Monday, 2 July 2007


Well as is getting to be the norm, its a miserable rainy day here in Crewe. I have decided that I will not be continuing the daily dares, and will just concentrate on Dare Tag which is starting on Wednesday. Really looking forward to that. The winner of my competition is Di or rainowgirl . Being the only entrant it was not difficult to choose a winner. As soon as I recieve her address I will be sending the stunning ribbon pick and mix kit from Ribbon Mad.
Hoping to get some serious crafting done today. Have to work on my 1st circle journal, projects for Augusts demonstration at Alexander Paper Suppplies, and some card projects as well.
Had a great day out at Ironbridge and visited the Jakefield Tile museum again. Have some great photos which I want to do a lo off

The famous Thomas Telford Iron Bridge

examples of some o the stunning tiles

MAWS Tile works LOGO

Can t wait to get my photo editing softwear loaded to this computer, although not sure we are keeping it at the moment, as its a nightmare to use. If it drops into sleep mode, when you go back on it wont connect to the internet, so then you have to restart it. Plus the keyboard as I ve said before needs changing. We have not put any softwear on the computer yet and its not very stable. If we cant figure out whats going on by the end of the week its going back . Oh the joys of VISTA


Rainowgirl said...

Hi Tracey
Pleased to have won the competition, but really sorry I was the only person to enter. Disappointing for you I think. But I'm sure things will pick up once word gets around.

I love Ironbridge. You obviously had a good day - hope it wasn't too wet. All this rain - will it ever stop.

Take care


Rainowgirl said...

Hi again Tracey

I've sent you my address by email, but I'm having problems with my emails, so will you let me know whether you have received it or not.

Many thanks


Leigh said...

Hi there, sorry for not entering. Been a mad while for me since the weekend so not been surfing around my usual blogs much. I'll swing in by for the Wednesday dare tomorrow though. :)