Sunday, 24 June 2007

beautiful Butterflies from my demo

Well here they are. I really love these butterflies. They are made with corner peel offs. glitter card and permanant markers. You can either use plain peel offs or colour the peel offs for two different looks. The small butterfly is a great example of colouring the peel offs. You place one peel off onto the glittered card. Then you place the other peel off so the corner point meets the other corner point, and angle it so that there is about twice the angle on one side to the other side. Then you can colour the glitter card with the permenant markers. Cut around the peel off. Then fold in the center. Attach with small foam pad. You can add wire and beads for antena or just doodle antena Have a play, a great embellishment for cards or scrapbook lo's. Glitter card mixed pack and all peel offs from Alexander Paper Supplies
My next demo at Alexander paper supplies will be the 14th July. I will be demonstrating various mini books


Angela said...

those butterflies are lovely!

Rainowgirl said...

Glad your demo day went well. These little butterflies are gorgeous. So I gather you don't hate peel-offs so much now?


Leigh said...

ooooooooh so pretty.