Friday, 29 June 2007

Saturday and Sunday

Well everyone I have decided to have two days off. I have had an awful month this month, other than my blog everything else is going wrong. SO I have decided to give myself a day out with my partner to clear the cobwebs and get my head straight. I am also working on Sunday. So I wont be in to post. Still have to take this foreign keyboard back as well. Then my punctuation will improve, it helps if you can find where the punctuation is hidden.

So I have decided to set Saturday and Sundays Dares Now.

Saturdays dare is a limited supplies dare, and can be used for cards, los or altered art.
You can only use
Plain coloured card ,pens,and ribbon Thats it nothing else, well obviously glue

for the example I am going to use the crop circles challenge card I did . I have been out all day so have not had a chance to do all fresh examples for both dares. I will be doing more examples in future as my life gets a little less hectic and complicated.

Sundays Dare is a Limited pallete
The pallete is Red Black and Gold
again I am using 1 previous peice of work. This time a scrapbook lo and a quick card I put together in burgundy red card, looks a bit brown on here


Blog Author Ann Clemmons said...

Your blog is great! I don't know what mine is going to turn into either. Thank you for visiting A Nice Place In The Sun, and thanks for the comment! You seem like a great person too!


Pattyjo said...

The card is gorgeous!