Thursday, 28 June 2007

Fridays Challenge 15 or 40 min Tidy up challenge

Well I am again out most of Friday so posting Fridays dare early. I have been tidying up my craft room and came across some unfinished bits and peices. The green with the ribbon was a section I did for a scrapbook page but did nt ge the shape quite right. The card blank was left over from a star book I made. The flower head was one remaining from a bunch bought at the £1.00 shop. I kept the middles thinking I would use them for something and never did. The love is a remaining peice of rub on and the chipboard it is on was an offcut from I can t remember what. The peice of paper was a small peice remaining from another layout. I went through my uncompleted bits and scraps piles just pulling out bits that I thought would go. ended up with three piles. One Acids, one red and black, and one blues and greens. The acid pile really shouted at me so that is what I went with. I gave myself 15 minutes to come up with a card from the pile.
So the challange or dare is Take 15 mins to complete a card from your bits peices and unfinished stash, or 40 minutes for a scrapbook lo.
Sometimes I just like the freedom that no time gives you.

Dont Forget DARE TAG starts on my blog on Wednesday 4th July


Jules said...

Love the unusual colour choice, and ribbon decoration. I've had a quick whizz through your recent postings, and your cards are lovely. You have a real talent.

I cam across your blog whilst searching for fellow cardmakers. I've added you to my favourites so I can pop by again soon.

Jules x

Leigh said...

LMAO! It would take me more than 15 minutes to get my mess of a desk into a decent order to search through. Lovely card hun, I'll have a bash at this one over the weekend. :)

Leigh said...

PS! Well Done, you have won my blog candy. There's an email link on my page for you to email me your addy. Thanks for visiting my blog.