Monday, 11 June 2007

Are you aware

Its carers week in the Uk . I do have quite strong views on many things but one of the things that is really close to my heart is young carers. Having been in a situation where my daughter of 6 had to fend for herself due to me being very ill. I have every admiration for those children out there who not only look after severly disabled or mentally ill parents but also run the house and look after their brothers and sisters. I recently saw a program, about a 16 year old who looks after her mum who has severe arthritis, and her younger sister who is autistic.
I feel that we severly let down these amazingly brave and in many cases overlooked children.

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I also hope this inspires you to do layouts based on what you believe in. What you feel strongly about, We may not change the world, but we can show that we care. If you feel inspired to create a lo about something you feel stronly about e mail it to me at and I will post the 4 that I consider to be the most inspiring or effective


Angela said...

Blog is looking Fab, must update mine more

maddy hill said...

Your layout is fantastic , and i totally agree with you on the young carers - we so let them down terribly .
I had cancer over a year ago , i was having chemo and radiotherapy . My daughter who was 15 then and also has aspergers had to look after herself and me - there was no help for either of us .

Your layout tracy , really makes you think , brought a lump to my throat .

Heather the Blether said...

You have brought a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat this evening with this entry.. thank you so much for highlighting this huge problem we have in the UK.. I have mental health problems and I also have a disabled daughter and I know we could not cope as we do without my eldest son... He attends a young carers programme with Children 1st and if it was not for them I don't know how he would have coped.. so a huge thank you for highlighting... fantastic artwork too... very inspirational..
Thank you so much