Sunday, 10 June 2007

Sunday night and all is sweltering

Well today I spent most of the day doing very little which I must say makes a bit of a change. I did consider scrapping, but decided that coughing all over my work was not a good idea. My office has nt cooled down , but you'll be pleased to hear that I am still fully clothed, and not parading around in a very unfetching bikini. (not that I own one.) The only thing that I have that ripples is my celulite Lol

I have been considering doing a joke scrapbook with imaginary relatives, Starting with Granny Leggit who is ninety two and one for the boys. She has been arrested twice for accosting young men in military uniform, and has a restraining order preventing her from approaching within half a mile of any military barraks, As nanny says There is only one thing better than a man in uniform, A man who has just been in uniform. Not that they have to be in uniform, just trousers will do. I just have to work out how I get some relevant photo's. So I am hoping at some point to get my 1st imaginary relly on paper. As soon as she is I will post her on here.

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