Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Tuesdays Crafting in Crewe

Well as I'm stuck in the house, with no one willing to visit (in case they catch this horrible fluey chest infection) I've had loads of time to look at other blogs. There are so many great ones out there. I was going to do one of pencil lines sketches, but realised that all my favorite tools including my cutter were locked in the boot of the car after my last scrapbooking class , and about 1 mile away. So I thought i'd look to see what Daring Cardmakers challenge was today. Their challenge today was to use
Something Old
Something New
Something Borrowed
and Something Blue
so this is my attempt. Flued up coughing and using none of my favorite tools. In fact even my favorite doodle stamps are 1 mile away as well .

Somethinbg old . Had these butterflies for about 2 years. I bought a couple of packs used a few like you do. Then they just got buried in my stash
Something New. I just bought a Gemagic. so I attached my gemagic gems with that
Something borrowed. I used a watchglass to make a glittershaker over the central gem in the bloom. I sort of borrowed (or was given after hints) 100's of watchmakers watchglasses from a friend (who deals in antiques)
Something Blue The bloom . Which was from the local £1 shop. Or the glitter in the shaker which dosn't show up in the photo unfortunatly.

But really enjoyed the challenge and will definatly be going back to daring cardmakers for some more


Patsy Jackson said...

This is gorgeous and a great representation of the dare! I love the bloom and the watch glass - in fact all of it! Is the birthday sentiment chipboard or a stamp? It's lovely.

Kathy said...

Hi there and welcome to the daring Cardmakers, it's great to have you on board - I loved your card and using the watchmakers glass for the glittery flwer centre was a fab idea I bet it looks really neat itr!
Having no access to your favourite stuff made a double challenge for you! well done

rattytatty said...

its K & Co chip board from one of their doody handled tins

Paula said...

Gorgeous vintage looking card. I adore it.

ink'n'rubba said...

What a beautiful card! And I've loved having a read of your blog too. Annie x

Rein said...

What a gorgeous card!

Angela said...

am loving that card

Flossie's Follies said...

What a lovely card, that flower just pops that card

Gillian Hamilton said...

G'day and Welcome to DCM it's always fun to find a new name in the comments!
just love your card, great idea with the watchglass it looks unreal! Beautiful work!
Hope you are soon feeling better :O)

Lythan said...

fancy being able to produce something as wonderful as this even when you have the flu. I'm in awe!

Leigh said...

absolutely gorgeous