Sunday, 10 June 2007

So its a Sunny Sunday in Crewe and I have the flu

Just worked out that I must do something about my office. Which is south facing and just under my victorian tiled roof. Its 10.21 and its already like an oven . I'll be typing an a bikin at this rate . Fortunatly all, I have no intention of inflicting any pictures of this on any potential readers of my blog.

Plans for today. Get better.

Possibly do some scrapping , most probably digi as I'm not up to digging out the numerous bits that as always will be in the bottom of my stash. Although I do have the urge to handle paper .

Thought I may show you one of my favorite things. Patterned paper medallions. I sometimes cut them into four and use them as page corners which can be very effective,or just as embellishments for my pages For examples though I have two cards and instructions

Patterned paper medallions. This is a great technique to use up your scraps of patterned paper. I used DCWV papers that co-ordinated but you can experiment with any patterned papers

Patterned paper Medallion pop-out card.

A5 Pale blue cardstock
Pocket full of posies papers DCWV
Dancing on air medallion stamp
Black glitter embossing powder
Black or versamark embossing pad
Orange and green starburst Sakura Pens
Dark Blue Marvy le plume pen
Word stamps of your choice
Topscore multiboard
5-mm double sided tape
Hi tack glue
Foam tape, foam pads or silicon glue

1. With your Multiword score an A5 gatefold card.
2. Turn card over and now score on the tri-fold A4 line, Rotate card and score on A4 tri-fold again.
3. Take the white fronds paper from the Pocket full of posies pack, Measure the inside and outside flaps should be approx. 2 inches. If using 12 by 12 paper cut 2 strips approx. 2 inches (your measurement) wide > If you are using the 8 by 8 papers cut 4 strips approx. 2 inches (your measurement) wide.
4. Adhere card to flaps with double sided tape
5. Measure the central spine. Should measure just over 1 cm. Cut strip 1 cm wide of the white fronds paper and using hi tack glue adhere to central spine. Stamp your words in Blue Marvy le plume pen
6. Take the small chalk style flower paper, and ink up whole of medallion stamp. Stamp once and emboss with black sparkle.
7. Ink up the 3rd section from the middle just going over the edge and stamp once onto chalk style paper and emboss with black sparkle
8. Ink up centre flower and emboss with black sparkle.
9. Take the bright flowers on green paper. Select a colourful section of the paper. Ink up the pointy petal section of the stamp and stamp onto colourful section.
10. Ink up the small round flower section of the stamp and stamp onto colourful piece of the paper and emboss with black sparkle.
11. Cut out all stamped medallions.
12. Using orange Sakura starburst pen colour centre of small flower
13. Colour the Petal shaped sections of rosette shape. Colour the flower heads on the pointed petal section and the ducktail sections on the full medallion
14. With the green Sakura pen colour the border of the four frond decorated sections on the full medallion and the leaves of the flowers on the pointed petal section
15. Layer the medallion as normal
16. Take 5 mm double sided tape across the back of the medallion from one of the four decorated points to the opposite decorated point
17. Place medallion on the spine of the card in line with the double-sided tape. So tape runs up the spine
18. Close card. Cut a 1-cm strip of the chalked flower paper. If you are using 12 by 12 you will only need 1 strip. If using 8 by 8 you’ll need 2
19. Fold strip in half; (if using 8 by 8 papers then glue second strip with 1-cm overlap to 1st strip at one end after folding). Open and place crease over join in card front. Holding card and strip of paper at centre fold strip tightly over both edges of the card. Hold in place and turn card over using a small dab of hi tack pva glue join strip at back. Wait till it dries then cut of any excess and slide card out.
20. Ink up medallion stamp with black ink, just the floret section and stamp onto chalk flowers paper. Then ink up small round flower section and stamp onto white fronds paper. Then ink up small central flower and stamp onto chalk flowers paper.
21. Using small dabs of glue instead of foam tape layer medallion as normal
22. Attach flat medallion to 1-cm strip over joined area. Centrally on band
23. Slip back over card.

In a jiffy, patterned paper medallion card. (Suitable for the complete novice)

A4 Hammered cream cardstock
DCWV Spring paper pack
Dancing on Air medallion stamp
Grey, pink and blue starburst Sakura pens
Foam tape, pads or silicon glue
Topscore multiboard
Double sided tape
Pencil and eraser

1 With Topscore multiboard with line names near you, score your cream cardstock once on the tri-fold A 4 line. Close and crease with bone folder. Trim of excess card

2 Take the Pink s shaped lines paper and cut along right edge of a dark pink line, approximately 5 cm’s from the left hand edge of paper. If its more than 5 cm’s across cut down line then measure 5 cms from right hand edge of paper back to left hand edge at top and trim off excess paper.

3 Adhere to left hand side of card, leaving a 5mm border, top bottom and left hand side.

4 With Grey Sakura pen place round dots along the shaped edge approximately 1 ¼ cm’s apart.

5 Take the Dances on air stamp and ink up whole stamp and stamp once onto pink s lines paper. Emboss with black sparkle embossing powder

6 Ink up the four frond decorated point’s section of the stamp, and stamp onto the polka dot paper. Emboss with back sparkle

7 Ink up Rosette section, stamp on s lines paper and emboss with black sparkle

8 Ink up small round flower section and stamp on polka dot paper and emboss with black sparkle

9 Ink up small central flower and stamp onto s lines paper. Emboss with black sparkle

10 Glue a piece of cardstock onto the back of the large medallion shape this needs to be totally adhered to the medallion stamped paper. Leave to dry Then Cut out all sections

11 Place small Grey dot of Sakura in the centre of the small flower. Take the blue Sakura and colour any two opposite long sections of the rosette. Then to make a cross colour the other two sections Grey

12 Using the pink Sakura pen colour the borders of the flower decorated areas.

13 Colour the inside section of the duck tails on the full medallion grey

14. Place your medallion on the s shaped edge with a ducktail on the top and bottom. Put a small pencil dot at each side where the medallion overlaps the edge of the card. Place a piece of double sided tape along edge of card just inside pencil dots. Erase pencil

15 Attach medallion to card with double-sided tape. With duck tails lined up with the s line. Keeping tape away from the overhanging edge. Now with foam pads, tape or silicon glue place the next biggest layer on top of the previous layer lining up the pattern. Continue until you run out of layers.

So that is my post for this morning.

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