Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Morning all

Well just about. I've managed to drag myself out of my pit of suffering to say Hi, and hopefully do some crafting or digi scrapping. The crafting sort of depends on wether I get back the ribbons I took to my sisters to show her, as she says she's holding them to ransom, for me to return the DVD of hers I have. I really think she just likes looking at them, as she is stuck in bed as well at present, although for more serious reasons.

Had a very nice Rak from someone who wants to remain nameless, so thank you very much you wonderful lady. You know who you are!!!!!. Despite your protestations. I will find a way of returning the favour, that you will accept.

So its a bit cooler today. Thankfully. As feeling so sticky all the time is not pleasant. My office is now a more bareable temprature, so I can stop saving for the bikini.

Today i thought I would give you some freebees hope you like them .




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