Saturday, 16 June 2007

Wow Loads of downloads

Saturday afternoon and I've just checked how many papers have been downloaded for my competition. I'm really pleased to see that so many of you are inspired, by the the stunning pick and mix kit Prize. I really cannot wait to see your entries . I await with baited breath knowing how talented so many of you are. Thank you for joining in this competition, I am hoping to make it a regular monthly challenge. As the prizes are coming out of my own pocket, its nice to know that so many people are taking an interest. Thank you again


Taylor_Blue said...

Hey there...I just added your link to my Moms blog...

I was also wondering how you get things to giveaway in your contests...I want to have a contest but I don't know how to do that ... maybe you can help me???

mum on the run said...

I downloaded them yesterday and am hoping to have a play in the next couple of days.

Ribbons are one of my main addictions so the prize is a great incentive for me, LOL.